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NPC Info
Location Wynn Province: Almuj, Craftmas Island, Detlas, Dujgon, Emerald Trail, The House of Twain, Lusuco, Maltic, Nemract, Nesaak, Nodguj, Pirate Island, Rymek, Selchar, Temple of the Legends, Troms

Gavel Province: Ahmsord, Cinfras, Maex, Eltom, Gelibord, Kandon-Beda, Llevigar, Olux, Rodoroc, Thanos, Thesead

Corkus: Corkus City, Relos

The Identifier is a Villager NPC located throughout the Wynn Province, Gavel Province, and Corkus. The Identifier is used to identify Unique, Rare, Set, Legendary, Fabled, or in rare instances Mythic Items. Identifications are attributes added to Weapons, Armour, and Accessories to make it do more damage, regenerate health and mana, or other features. Items can gain powerful abilities when Identified. Identifiers can be found along the Emerald Trail, and in several of Wynncraft's large towns.

Usage[edit | edit source]

To identify first you must right click the identifier NPC. A menu with 9 slots with a checkmark at the end and your inventory should appear. In your inventory, click the equipment you wish to identify to place it in the slots. If you have a sufficient amount of Emeralds (can be Emerald Blocks or Liquid Emeralds as well) in your inventory to identify the item(s), the checkmark should be green. If it is red, you aren't carrying enough emeralds and you may scroll over it to reveal how many you need. When the checkmark is green, you may click it to begin the identification process. The equipment in the identification slots will then quickly cycle through different items until it has been identified, and then you can put the equipment back in your inventory.

Items can also be re-identified for 5 times the original identification cost. The process is the same as above; put the already identified objects in the slots and click on they yellow circle made out of arrows. Your item will be re-identified as a different item.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Wynn Province[edit | edit source]

 Location   Emerald Trail   X   -552   Y      Z   -1582 
  • On the path from Ragni, heading east towards Detlas, the Item Identifier's hut is on the right of the path, just past a watchtower, before you reach Nivla Woods.
 Location   Maltic   X   -546   Y      Z   -1934 
  • Maltic's Item Identifier is just left of the entrance from Coastal Trail.
 Location   Hidden Village   X   -628   Y      Z   -1400 
  • The identifier in the Ravine Village is directly southeast from where you enter.
 Location   Detlas   X   468   Y      Z   -1585 
  • The Item Identifier in Detlas is at the bottom the city's central tower.
 Location   Selchar   X   140   Y      Z   -3172 
  • The Item Identifier in Selchar is east of the fountain in the center of town.
 Location   Almuj   X   933   Y      Z   -1954 
  • In the Almuj Bazaar, the Item Identifier has its own tent on the right side of the marketplace.
 Location   Rymek   X   1310   Y      Z   -1310 
  • The Rymek Item Identifier is in the center of the Bank.
 Location    Nodguj   X   802   Y      Z   -3388 
  • The Nodguj Item Identifier is in the back of the building north of the bank hall.
 Location    Dujgon   X   992   Y      Z   -3532 
  • Dujgon's Item Identifier is in a small room on the north side of the island's complex.
 Location    Craftmas Island   X   1136   Y      Z   -3116 
  • The Item Identifier on Craftmas Island is found above the town dock and a few blocks away from the Bank.
 Location   Nemract   X   88   Y      Z   -2181 
  • The Item Identifier in Nemract can be found just south of the Bank, near the west end of the town.
 Location   Pirate Town   X   -674   Y      Z   -3050 
  • Found both on the lower and middle levels of the ravine where Pirate Town is located, this Item Identifier is in the southeast section of the town.
 Location   Lusuco   X   -217   Y      Z   -324 
  • The Item Identifier in Lusuco is situated in a house immediately right of the town's entrance.
 Location   Nesaak   X   91   Y      Z   -778 
  • Nesaak's Item Identifier is in the southwestern most house of the town.
 Location   The House of Twain   X   78   Y      Z   -345 
  • The Item Identifier at the House of Twain is in a small shack to the right of the mansion entrance.
 Location   Troms   X   -855   Y      Z   -897 
  • In the center of Troms, next to the fountain that's outside the Bank.
 Location   Temple of the Legends   X   -645   Y      Z   -1042 

Gavel Province[edit | edit source]

 Location   Llevigar   X   -1897   Y      Z   -4498 
  • In the southeast corner atop the city, the Item Identifier is inside the tree area immediately left of the entrance to a building called Llevigar University.
 Location   Olux   X   -1722   Y      Z   -5508 
  • The Item Identifier is on the southeast side of the Bank, which is located in the center of town.
 Location   Gelibord   X   -1036   Y      Z   -5306 
  • The Item Identifier in Gelibord is just southwest of the bank and on the west end of the town.
 Location    Cinfras   X   -431   Y      Z   -4953 
  • In Cinfras, the Item Identifier is in the house directly northeast of the center of the city.
 Location   Thanos   X   50   Y   3   Z   -5131 
 Location   Thesead   X   786   Y      Z   -5072 
  • Thesead's Item Identifier is in the clock tower which is just left of the city's entrance.
 Location   Eltom   X   917   Y      Z   -5465 
  • The Item Identifier is found at the end of a bridge-like path found on the west edge of the town.
 Location   Rodoroc   X   1035   Y   18   Z   -5109 
  • The Item Identifier of Rodoroc is just left of the city's Bank area.
 Location   Maex   X   1466   Y   45   Z   -5263 
  • Maex's Item Identifier is under a stand near the town's gate.
 Location   Kandon-Beda   X   727   Y   152   Z   -4478 
  • The Item Identifier is up the stairs west of the main airship and merchant area.
 Location   Ahmsord   X   1077   Y      Z   -4548 
  • The Item Identifier is on the east side of town, in the center of the bank.

Corkus[edit | edit source]

 Location   Corkus City   X   -1593   Y   68   Z   -2943 
  • The Identifier is opposite to the Potion Merchant and the Bank.
 Location   Relos   X   -1610   Y   38   Z   -2360 
  • This one is in one of the deepest buildings of the bay.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Some items used to have special characters in their names, but since the 1.14 Gavel Expansion got released new versions of those items have names without special characters. However the old items broke and cannot be used anymore at all.
  • All items (except broken ones; see previous point) got unidentified when the new stat system got introduced with the 1.14 Gavel Expansion Update, and since the 1.14.1 Gameplay Update items can be re-identified. But if items with preset stats which are not supposed to be reidentified (e.g. items from merchants like Bobs Mythic items) got unidentified due to the Gavel Expansion, they cannot be identified anymore since the Gameplay Update. This happens because Item Identifiers dont accept those items not matter if they are identified or unidentified.
  • Most buildings that Item Identifiers are in have loads of potatoes. Potatoes were originally a small easter egg in the game, until it became a tradition to put them in nearly every Identifier building.