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Ice Canyon

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Ice Canyon RegionIcon.png
Ice Canyon.png
The Ice Canyon seen from above
Coordinates X: -180, Z: -465
Suggested Level 45
Quest Starts Tower of Ascension
Frost Bite
Type/Biomes Snowy Plains
Region Capital Lusuco
Monsters Cold Shadows
Frozen Golems

The Ice Canyon is an extension to the Nesaak Forest. The recommended level for the area are levels 45-50, due to the dangerous Wolves and Frozen Iron golems that roam all over. The area is scattered with large caves and ice spikes, and is also home to the town of Lusuco. The main feature of the area is the Tower of Ascension, a massive dungeon-like structure for levels 40-100 where the Tower of Ascension quest takes place.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Ice Canyon was added in the 1.13 Wynnter 2014 Update.
  • A mysterious Enderman mob known as the "Cold Shadow" occasionally spawns in the canyon, however it is difficult to follow, as it teleports around often.

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