Hymn of the Dead

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Hymn of the Dead

Item Information
Item Wand
Min. Level 31
Rarity Legendary
Class Mage/Dark Wizzard
Powder Slots 1 ()
Obtain Underworld Crypt Dungeon Merchant
Attack Speed Normal (0)
Tag Untradable
Base Damage
Air 15-20

Hymn of the Dead is a level 31 legendary wand purchased from the Dungeon Merchant in front of the entrance to the Underworld Crypt Dungeon.

Identifications[edit | edit source]

Hymn of the Dead is identified when bought. Therefore, its Id's don't vary.

Identification Preset Value
 Poison   +220/3s 
 Walk Speed   +10% 
  Air Damage   +20% 

Lore[edit | edit source]

"The dead can still hear. I figure a lullaby might help convince them to sleep a bit longer." -Merloni, Saint's Row Priest