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Horse Armour

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Horse Armour

Item Types Leather Armour (
Min. Level 22
Obtained Mob Drop
Components Horse Mask (Level 22)
Horse Hoof (Level 22)

The Horse Set is a set of armour for level 22, obtained as a drop from various horses throughout Wynn and Gavel, including Insane Horses and Llevigar Wild Horses.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

The Horse Armour set is composed of the following pieces:

Icon Item Lv. Min Requirements Health Elemental Defense Slots Avg. Identifications

Horse Mask 22 None +130 - 2
  • +10% Health Regen
  • +8% Melee Damage Bonus
  • +2 Strength Points
  • +2 Agility Points
  • -3 Dexterity Points
  • +7% Walking Speed Bonus
  • -4 Raw Melee Damage Bonus

Horse Hoof 22 None +300 - 2
  • +5 Agility Points
  • +11% Walking Speed Bonus
  • +8% Bonus Air Damage
  • +8% Bonus Earth Damage

Set Bonuses[edit | edit source]

When multiple pieces of the Horse Armour set are used at the same time, the following set bonuses are applied:

Identification 1-Piece Bonus 2-Piece Bonus
Walking Speed Bonus - +20%
Agility Points - +8
Bonus Air Damage - +5%
Bonus Earth Damage - +5%

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