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NPC Info
X: -644 Z: 15372
Location Wynnter Fair
Quest Involved Avalanche (Wynnter Fair)

Homeless are NPCs contacted during the Stone Cold mission. The NPCs will ask you to help them.

Location[edit | edit source]

 Location   Avalanche (Wynnter Fair)   X   -644  Y     Z   15372  Wynncraft Map 

Homeless are near the entrace to Upper Lusuco in a small hole in the mountain.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

During the mission

When you talk to them:

  • [1/2] Olaf: Even with this little fire it's really cold here, isn't it?
  • [2/2] Olaf: Could you find a blanket for me please?
  • [1/2] Sven: Hi... I happen to be very sick.
  • [2/2] Sven: Can you bring me a Healing Potion to help me during the storm?
  • [1/3] Elsa: You're here to helo?... I guess I could find a better place to stay during the storm but...
  • [2/3] Elsa: Could you bring me some water? It'd probably be a long journey to somewhere warmer such as Almuj.
  • [3/3] Elsa: And all water here is frozen... I'd really appreciate if you could do that for me.