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Historical Maltic

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Historical Maltic StructureIcon.png
Historical Maltic.png
The underground room
Discovery Lore
Maltic was the first settlement ever made by the arriving villagers. The alliance between Villagers and Humans would go on to save the province.
Coordinates X: -560, Z: -1858
Minimum Suggested Level 5
Uses Discovery
Requirements None
SpoilersLogo.pngThis page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Historical Maltic is a Secret Discovery located beneath an old ruined house on a hill, just south of the modern village of Maltic. Beneath the house is a buried ruin, apparently the last remnants of one of the earliest buildings in Maltic, from the time the Villagers first arrived from Gavel a hundred years ago.

The ruin is a single, plain room, though it remains very intact. On the wall is a map of Maltic, labelled Villagers arrive and settle in 900 A.P., showing its early houses under construction, as well as the ship the Villagers arrived on; today, the shipwreck is the subject of the Underwater quest.

Access[edit | edit source]

 Location   Ruined House   X   -560   Y   67   Z   -1858 

The house on the hill just outside Maltic is abandoned and overgrown, though several floors remain partially intact. To open the way into the Discovery, you must follow a parkour course (marked by brown carpets) up the inside of the ruin to the uppermost ledge. Many Weak Zombies also spawn around the ground floor of the house, although they are not very dangerous.

Suspended from the roof of the building is a small platform with an anvil. It can be reached from the top of the parkour, and jumping on it a few times will cause the ropes to break and the anvil to fall through the ground, creating a hole into historical Maltic. Be careful when jumping down to reach the hole, as moderate amounts of fall damage might be taken if you aren't careful. After entering the hole, provided you are of at least level 5, you will achieve the Discovery and gain 200 experience points.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Among the many paintings in the underground ruin is one of Salted, the Head GM and founder of Wynncraft.