Hearty Zork Stew Recipe

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Hearty Zork Stew Recipe

Item Book
Type Untradable
Obtain Choosing Brie as your chef in Recipe for Disaster
Trading with the Recipe Merchant
Usage Completing Recipe for Disaster

The Hearty Zork Stew Recipe is an item obtained from Brie if the player chooses to cook with her in the quest Recipe for Disaster. The recipe has the most and hardest to get ingredients.

Ingredients[edit | edit source]

Snail Slime
[edit | edit source]

 X   1003  Y   139  Z   -4853  Wynncraft Map 

The Snail Slime is located inside a building on the Snail Island in the Sky Islands. To get to the island, exit Ahmsord through the northern bridge. Keep going until you reach another bridge with big torches on its side. You should be inside an island. Go up, you will see some hostile Sky Snails. Go to the left, follow the path, and you should see a ladder leading into the building containing the Snail Slime. You will need to race a snail to get the item.

[edit | edit source]

 X   965  Y   42  Z   -4443  Wynncraft Map 

The Voidroot is located down on an island in the Void. To get to the island, head south of Sky's Kitchen and jump down. Alternatively, you can go around and through the area nearby Kandon-Beda to get to the island. The correct area is nearby the castle used in The Fortuneteller quest, has a crane, and an NPC named Crank. Take the crane, and you will be teleported down to an island. Be careful; you will have a blindness effect applied, so watch your step. You will need to kill a hostile mob named "Voidroot" in order to get the item.

[edit | edit source]

 X   1217  Y   126  Z   -4929  Wynncraft Map 

The Quicksalt is located on the Moon, which is accessed by entering Astralaus' tower in the Sky Islands. To get to the tower from Rodoroc, exit the city and go straight until you see a Junk Merchant. Turn right and exit the area; you should be in the Sky Islands now. Then, go straight and follow the path. Look for the island with high, slim stone mountains. A far render distance is recommended so you can see the tower.

Once you get inside, you will need to navigate to the Moon by flipping gravity. It should be an easy task. Once you are on the Moon, head southwest from the crash ship, and you should see a small village with Humyn Bystanders. From the center of the village, head north and you should see a diorite cave. Go inside. At the end of the cave is the Quicksalt.

Zork Rinds
[edit | edit source]

 X   1217  Y   126  Z   -4929  Wynncraft Map 

The Zork Rinds, much like the Quicksalt, is located on the Moon, which is accessed by entering Astraulus' Tower in the Sky Islands. Refer to the section on Quicksalt for locating the tower.

When you are on the Moon, head to the Humyn village again. Behind the Regular Humyn NPC is a machine that converts Quicksalt into Zork Rinds. Once you have obtained BOTH Zork Rinds and Quicksalt, head to the spaceship south of the machine to travel back to the Sky Islands.

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