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Prince Hashr
NPC Info
Location Past Almuj, Royal Residence

Boss[edit | edit source]

Hashr is the boss of Sand-Swept Tomb dungeon.

I am Emperor Hashr. I once ruled this land with pride and prosperity. But a betrayal from my own kind sealed my fate.
~ Hashr
Hashr (Phase 1)
Level 40
Health ???
Damage ?
Elemental Properties
Damage ???

Image Name Level Health Attack Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drop(s) Location
Hashr(Phase1).png Hashr (Phase 1) 40 3800 Melee Charge - Hashr (Phase 2) Sand-Swept Tomb
Hashr(Phase2).png Hashr (Phase 2) 45 8000 Melee Multihit,
Thunder: Damage Hashr (Phase 3) Sand-Swept Tomb
Hashr(Phase3).png Hashr (Phase 3) 45 4000 Melee Multihit,
Thunder: Damage - Sand-Swept Tomb

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The word "hashr" means "exile" or "banishment" in old Arabic