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Gylia Watchtower

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Gylia Watchtower StructureIcon.png
A picture of the tower from in front of it.
Discovery Lore
Founded after the Gerten War 200 years ago, the Gylia Watch have used this tower as their base, keeping an eye on the Gerts to prevent another attack.
Coordinates X: -51, Z: -5412
Suggested Level 77
Quest Starts The Hunger of Gerts Part I
Uses Quest

Gylia Watchtower is a military tower that was founded by the Gylia Watch after the Villager victory in the Gerten War. It is situated near Lake Gylia and the Gert Camp. Its purpose is to overlook the Gert Camp and make sure that the Gert are not causing more chaos to the surrounding lands.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

NPCs[edit | edit source]