Ghost Merchant

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Ghost Merchant
Ghost Merchant.png
NPC Info
Coordinates X: 103, Z: -360
Location The House of Twain

The Ghost Merchant was a merchant that sold the Ghostly Cap, which is part of the Ghostly Armour set. The merchant was located inside the The House of Twain. In order to get to him you had to go to the 2nd floor inside the Haunted Mansion and find the staircase up to his hiding spot in the Mansion's tower. The Ghostly Armour set used to be the last and strongest Item Set a person can wear, but since the Gavel Expansion has been outranked by Snail Armour as the strongest Set Armour in the game. The merchant was removed in the 1.15 update.

Trades[edit | edit source]

Income Outcome

1 Liquid Emerald

1 Ghostly Cap

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the past, the door to the stairway leading to the merchant had to be opened by going to a hidden room behind the painting on the opposite side of the hallway. In that room, one would have to throw emeralds into soul sand to activate the piston door to the staircase. However, that was removed due to redstone glitches.