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Type Zombie
Level 78
Health 3500
Damage ?
AI Type Unknown AI
Location Gert Camp
"...The Gerten War was a bloody, long war brought on by starvation... The Gerts have since been subdued, left in their primary territory. They are so full of gluttony they say they are starving!
~ Cikal

The Gert is an orange-skinned, brute species similar to the Orcs and the Trolls confined in their Gert Camp just north of Lake Gylia. Although Gerts are not nearly as intelligent as Humans or Villagers, they are among the most talented hunters in Gavel. However, this aptitude does not serve them well, as they are mostly prevented by the Gylia Watch from crossing the boundaries of their camp. Their lacking ability to provide themselves with food without hunting combined with their large, meaty appetites has caused mass starvation among the species, which is explicated with more depth in the quests The Hunger of Gerts Part I and Part II.

Location[edit | edit source]

Gerts spawn in two locations, one being the Main Gert Camp where they are peaceful. They also spawn in smaller surrounding camps but are hostile towards players there.

Gerts[edit | edit source]

Image Name Level Health Drop(s) Location
Gert.png Gert 78 3500♥
Gert Skin
Main Gert Camp
GertenHunter.png Gerten Hunter 78 4830♥
Gert Skin
Main Gert Camp
Solitary Gert.png Solitary Gert 78 5250♥
Gert Skin

Gert Tunnel Password
In the ravine near Anof
Gerten Captain.png Gerten Captain - - - Small Gert Camp, souteast of the Gylia Watchtower
GertenChiefLobo.png Gerten Chief Lobo - - - Main Gert Camp
GertenExcavator.png Gerten Excavator - - - Under Jitak's house