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Gavel is the home province of the Villager race. It was the second province released in-game.
SpoilersLogo.pngThis page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

The Gavel Province is the second province and continent to be released in-game in Wynncraft, first opening its doors on December 21st, 2015. It is the homeland of the Villager race, the emerald-hungry merchants and mages of the land. Magic flows freely in many places throughout Gavel, in the rolling plains, shadowy forests, great valleys and mountains and the strange floating islands themselves. However, the Villagers are not the only beings who call the ancient province their home; the mysterious elves live in the depths of their forests and in the great Aldorei Valley, and the warring factions of Dwarves and other creatures make their home under the volcanic mountains of the Molten Heights.

Gavel can be accessed through one of two ways: either through the giant quartz Gateway in the north-west corner of the Great Ocean, leading into the city of Llevigar, or through the Ocean Pass, a tunnel through Gavel's mountains in the north-eastern ocean that leads to the high-level Sky Islands. In addition, after completion of the quests Acquiring Credentials and Flight in Distress, a two-way instant travel method is unlocked between Cinfras and Detlas, through an airship owned by Calo.

Storyline in Brief[edit | edit source]

The Decay of Gavel[edit | edit source]

Unlike the corruption that has taken root in the Wynn Province, originated from the Nether Gate, Gavel has a problem of its own; the mysterious and dark decay. The decay has taken over a huge swathe of northern Gavel, creating a distinct line between the `dark` and `light` sides of the province; in the north, the land is corrupted and infertile, the trees are dying and rotting, and beasts of darkness and shadow have taken hold, terrorizing the declining towns and peoples of the region. The decay began 1000 years before the present day, when a parasite of light broke through from its own realm into Gavel, and began spreading it. Since then, although the original creature's whereabouts are now unknown, the decay has nearly destroyed the Kander Forest, and other areas are also suffering heavily under it.

Major Regions[edit | edit source]

A large area of rolling hills, farmland, ponds and small trees, the plains stretch north of the great quartz city of Llevigar, and are overrun by Trolls, Orcs, Goblins and other beasts. The expanse of Karoc Quarry is found in the south-east, and the farming village of Bucie lies near the edge of the swamp in the north.

A dark region containing both shallow marshes and rocky mountains alike, the swamp surrounding Olux is home to all manner of creatures, including the vicious Hanja and the peaceful Swamp Dwellers. Several small settlements can be found throughout the swamp, fighting off the strange monsters of the swamp.

The Dark Forest of Gavel, north of its light cousin, is covered by dense, diseased trees, blocking out the sun and providing sanctuary for all manner of dark creatures. The declining town of Gelibord lies on the forest's eastern edge, plagued by dark creatures and the decay itself.

A thin strip of land east of the River Sage, and west of the vast Light Forest, these plains are home to all manner of strange creatures and plant life, and are dominated by the looming bulk of Leadin Fortress, the Orc stronghold.

East of Gelibord is the Kander Forest, a dead expanse of broken trees, large mushrooms and crumbling ruins. Beings of shadow flourish here, as they do in the neighboring Dark Forest; but other, darker forces are at work among the rotting trees, from those in the village of Lexdale to the monster of the Dullahan Mansion...

A forest of flowers and light beneath a dense canopy, the Light Forest is the home of Villagers, Elves, Hobbits, and other strange and mysterious creatures alike. The impressive city of Aldorei lies in the south, a stronghold of light in Gavel, and another pocket of light lies beneath the grassy hills, hidden from the eyes of all but a few.

Surrounding the grand capital city of Cinfras stretches Cinfras County, a grassy area of farms and hills on the edge of the vast canyon of Gavel. The magical waters of Lake Gylia are found in the north, near the Gert Camp, while airships soar overhead from the tangled platforms of Letvus Airbase.

A huge expanse of valleys and rocky hills, stretching across a fourth of Gavel, the Canyon of the Lost is aptly named, for its labyrinthine nature. The spires of Bantisu Air Temple soar above the peaks at the heart of the canyon, and the mining city of Thesead sits on the edge, near a pathway into the volcanic depths to the east.

A mountainous region of volcanoes and magma, the Molten Heights are controlled almost entirely by the Dwarves of Rodoroc and Maex, who have driven the other inhabitants of the boiling caverns beneath the peaks almost to extinction.

A mysterious, logic-defying collection of mountainous islands in the far south-east of Gavel Province, the Sky Islands float above an empty void. Several flying beasts make the area their home, and the city of Ahmsord, a testimony to the ingenuity of the Villagers, flies above the empty lower sky of the islands.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Gavel quests have a much higher payout than Wynn quests.
  • The door to Gavel was added in Wynncraft 1.12, but was given a function in 1.14
  • The door to Gavel used to be closed, but due to the lag the redstone gave when opening the door, the gate remained open.
  • Currently, there are no Dungeons in Gavel.