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Gathering Tools are items used to gather resources found spread across the world of Wynncraft. They fall under four types: Axes, Pickaxes, Scythes, and Rods. Each type is utilized for a different Gathering Profession: Axes for Woodcutting, Pickaxes for Mining, Scythes for Farming, and Rods for Fishing.

All Tier 1 Gathering Tools can be obtained at the start of the game, during the quest King's Recruit. While Tier 1 and 2 Gathering Tools can be bought at various Tool Merchants, all other Gathering Tools are bought from Dungeon Merchants.

In general, tools of a particular tier require approximately 3-4 swings to harvest resources of the level immediately below them, and approximately 6-7 swings to harvest resources of the level immediately above them. As of the 1.19 Silent Expanse Update, tools also have durability that goes down when you harvest a resource. The lower a tool's durability, the lower the chance that resource will be gathered successfully.

List of Tools[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Lv. Min Gathering Speed Durability Obtained From Cost

Gathering Tool T1 1 8 (Slow) 50 Tool Merchant, King's Recruit 4

Gathering Tool T2 5 16 (Slow) 60 Tool Merchant 12

Gathering Tool T3 15 28 (Slow) 70 Dungeon Merchant (Decrepit Sewers, Infested Pit) 1
Decrepit Sewers Fragment or 1
Infested Pit Fragment

Gathering Tool T4 25 45 (Normal) 80 Dungeon Merchant (Lost Sanctuary, Underworld Crypt) 2
Lost Sanctuary Fragments or 2
Underworld Crypt Fragments

Gathering Tool T5 35 65 (Fast) 90 Dungeon Merchant (Sand-Swept Tomb) 1
Emerald Block and 3
Sand-Swept Tomb Fragments

Gathering Tool T6 45 90 (Fast) 100 Dungeon Merchant (Ice Barrows) 2
Emerald Blocks and 4
Ice Barrows Fragments

Gathering Tool T7 55 120 (Very Fast) 110 Dungeon Merchant (Undergrowth Ruins) 4
Emerald Blocks and 5
Undergrowth Ruins Fragments

Gathering Tool T8 65 150 (Very Fast) 120 Dungeon Merchant (Galleon's Graveyard, The Forgery) 8
Emerald Blocks and 6
Galleon's Graveyard Fragments or 6
Corrupted Decrepit Sewers Fragments

Gathering Tool T9 75 190 (Very Fast) 130 Dungeon Merchant (The Forgery) 16
Emerald Blocks and 7
Corrupted Infested Pit Fragments or 7
Corrupted Lost Sanctuary Fragments

Gathering Tool T10 85 230 (Very Fast) 140 Dungeon Merchant (The Forgery) 32
Emerald Blocks and 8
Corrupted Underworld Crypt Fragments or 8
Corrupted Sand-Swept Tomb Fragments

Gathering Tool T11 95 275 (Very Fast) 150 Dungeon Merchant (The Forgery, Fallen Factory) 1
Liquid Emerald and 9
Corrupted Ice Barrows Fragments or 9
Corrupted Undergrowth Ruins Fragments or 9
Fallen Factory Fragments

Gathering Tool T12 105 330 (Very Fast) 160 Dungeon Merchant (Eldritch Outlook) 1
Liquid Emerald and 9
Eldritch Outlook Fragments