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Garoth (NPC)
NPC Info
Location Past Roots of Corruption
Quest Involved Studying the Corrupt

Boss[edit | edit source]

Level 36
Health 22800
Damage ?
Elemental Properties
Damage ???
Species are nothing to me. Thousands of creepers used to live here, I decimated the whole species like it was nothing.
~ Garoth

Garoth, the "Bane of Gaia," is a strong level 36 human who resides deep below the Animal Bridge near Elkurn, serving as the final boss for the eponymous Lost Sanctuary dungeon. The dungeon is designed for players level 21-36, however the nature of Garoth's fight can make the dungeon much easier.

Garoth is first encountered at the beginning of the Lost Sanctuary, in which he talks to the player throughout the dungeon, threatening them and revealing both his motives and his disposition as a scientist.

Combat[edit | edit source]

To complete the dungeon, players must fight and defeat Garoth to claim their rewards. In groups, the dungeon is recommended for players of level 21 upwards, though solo players are recommended to be of at least level 32 before facing the dungeon and Garoth.

The boss arena is large and mostly circular, with a slightly raised platform in the middle. The most important part of this arena is the center - in similar vein to the rest of the dungeon, Creeper Brains can be used to blow up part of the terrain. The player is highly recommended to blow up the floor when fighting Garoth, as Garoth's high defenses makes a typical approach unfeasible. Creepers will gradually spawn around the arena and attack the player, dropping a single Creeper Brain each. After gathering 9, the player can deposit them in the center and expose a pit of lava. Then, the player should lead Garoth into the lava, killing him nigh-instantly. Garoth himself attacks with a wand at melee range, occasionally also using a flamethrower spell which can deal high fire damage if the player is not careful. He deals Fire damage with each hit, and is weak to Water damage; therefore at lower levels, the best corresponding equipment is recommended. Kiting the boss with movement abilities or slowing him down with Ice Snake/Smoke Bombs/Uppercut is highly recommended in order to isolate and kill Creepers.

After Garoth has been defeated, players will be teleported to the entrance of the dungeon to receive their rewards, including her drops.

Lore[edit | edit source]

SpoilersLogo.pngThis page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Little is known about Garoth, but his dialogue reveals much about him and his experience with corruption; he is the second human to be crazed by the portal, after Theorick. After this, Garoth was motivated to "purify" the rest of the world and began his experiments within the Lost Sanctuary. Many creepers were killed, and it is clear that Garoth has no remorse. He utilizes the player to "test his defenses", indicating that the Lost Sanctuary functions as a beachhead for his purification.