Galleon's Graveyard

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Galleon's Graveyard DungeonIcon.png
Galleon's Graveyard Icon
Coordinates X: -583, Z: -3468
Suggested Level 63
Reward As follows:
Monsters Skarh (Lv. 63)
Coconut Crab (Lv. 63)
Adorabilis (Lv. 63)
Barbarossa Sailing Master (Lv. 62)
Barbarossa Mates (Lv. 63)
Boss Redbeard (Lv. 75)
Skeletal Pirate (Lv. 65)
Battle 50%
Puzzle 0%
Parkour 50%

This dungeon replaced the Ocean Mini-Dungeon as of the 1.14.1 Gameplay Update.

"No one is entirely sure how, but all ships that are laid to rest on the seabed all end up in the same place. From beyond the watery grave, these seafarers continue to manipulate the waves to meet their gains."

- WynnCraft Help Guide

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Galleon's Graveyard is a level 63 Dungeon. The dungeon can be access by traveling to the Galleon's Graveyard island from Selchar's V.S.S. Seaskipper. The boss of the dungeon is Redbeard, a famous pirate captain known to have accumulated many treasures on his travels.

To gain access to the Dungeon the player has to complete the level 61 Dungeon Quest Redbeard's Booty, which is started by talking to Marston, a pirate who've collected a crew to go out looking for Redbeards treasure, inviting you to join them.

A list of the items you're able to purchase with the rewards from this Dungeon can be found on the Dungeon Merchant page.

Guide[edit | edit source]


  • ???: Well shiver me timbers! Some swashbuckler has come to plunder me treasure. But ye'll have to get through me crew and I if you want me booty!

Phase 1[edit | edit source]

The first phase is a fighting challenge where you have collected 16 tokens by killing the mob and drop the tokens into the hopper for the door to open.

Phase 2[edit | edit source]

The second phase is a parkour challenge where you must reach the top of the room by being tugged by the Whirlpool mob to get from platform to platform.

Phase 3[edit | edit source]


  • ???: Across the seas, me name is feared. A landlubber like you won't lay a hand on me treasure!
  • ???: But if yer really fixin' to get me booty. ye'll have to face me in combat!

The third phase is another fighting challenge where you must kill the Armoured Pirate in order to advance. To kill him, stand on the pressure plates next to each cannon until the timer runs out. It will create a "heat seeking cannonball" which will damage the Armoured Pirate.

Phase 4[edit | edit source]


  • ???: Arr-har! What 'ave we 'ere?
  • ???: Another filthy Landlubber come to steal 'ma booty?
  • ???: But alas, they'll be cut down soon en'uff, not one scurvy dog like 'em could stand a chance against ma' splendur!
  • ???: As too long 'as it been since we'v been in a true battle o' the seas, pe'haps it's time for one more!
  • ???: Ya' hear what ah' said? Move yerselves get tha' ships!
  • ???: AS FOR YE OVER THAR'....

In the fourth stage, you will be put onto a pirate ship. The goal is the defend the ship using 2 different cannons provided to fight off the 15 oncoming enemy boats. The player's own ship starts with 10 health, and each enemy boat that makes it to the player's ship depletes one health. As such, the player needs to destroy at least 6 of the 15 enemy boats. Once the wave of attackers come, several boats will spawn in the water and you will need to parkour to the enemy boat. Once so, walk into the dark portal, and you will be in a long corridor.


  • Prisoner: Be careful, stranger! Captain Redbeard has imprisoned us. Long ago, he was a greedy pirate who gained immense wealth through theft.
  • Prisoner: But then one fateful day, his ship... this ship, was caught in a storm. He died in the crash. Though he is now merely bones, he still guards his riches from the afterlife...
  • Prisoner: But challenging him is nearly impossible. He can only be defeated with his own enchanted cannons...

Phase 5[edit | edit source]


  • Redbeard: Arghh...there's a stowaway on me ship! Do ye know what I do with stowaways, landlubber? I make them walk the plank!

On the left and right sides are doors. When you open one, you must rush to the Treasure Vault at the back of the room in 20 seconds, and collect the treasure. Once you've collected one from each room, drop the two tokens into the hopper to continue.

Phase 6[edit | edit source]

This is another parkour stage. There are 3 different parkours you need to jump through. You must jump across the 3x3 wooden platforms, which will break soon after stepping on them. The first one as a ground to it, so you can jump down and walk all the way to the end. For the second and third parts, you will be jumping over water.

Boss Phase[edit | edit source]


  • Redbeard: Hehe... I'll cut off yer head and mount it on me ship!

The boss battle is Redbeard, with 750,000 health. Like the Armoured Pirate stage, you must use the cannons to kill him. He has the special ability to pull him towards you. Skeletal Pirates will occasionally spawn in the arena.

Video Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There is sometimes a bug where you can't see the entrance to the dungeon. Going to the coordinates of the entrance still starts the dungeon for the player.