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Item Information
Item Wand
Min. Level 97
Rarity Mythic
Class Mage/Dark Wizzard
Powder Slots 3 ()
Obtain Loot Chests or Mob Drops
Attack Speed Very Slow (-2)
Base Damage
Neutral 200-320
Earth 480-650
Strength Minimum: 105

Gaia is a level 97 Mythic Wand, focused around the Earth element. Although it heavily impedes spell usage, it deals very heavy melee Earth damage, as well as providing a large poison boost to further increase damage dealt over time.


It costs 1836 Emeralds to identify Gaia.

Identification Minimum Value Maximum Value


"The Dernel tribes revere various nature deities, each in their own unique fashions. One of the most notable was that of a lost tribe, who fashioned this blossoming stave as tribute to their deity of the earth itself."


  • Gaia is one of only five known Mythic-tier Wands released with the Gavel Expansion.