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Other Information
The Fruma Province is the player's home province.

Fruma is the fourth known province in Wynncraft. It is the province where the humans came from, and the player's homeland. The first mentions of Fruma in the game were implemented in the 1.14 Gavel Expansion, along with the addition of Ragni Outskirts. Though the province has yet to exist in the game, it is said to border the west of the Wynn Province and Ocean. In the 1.15 Wynnter Update, Fruma's Gate can be seen and visited, although the player can not go through due to the Queen of Fruma not giving permission.

History[edit | edit source]

Very little about Fruma is currently known, however thanks to lore uncovered in the secret library of Llevigar, the Province of Fruma has been described as the populous homeland of the human race in Wynncraft, led by powerful magic wielding monarchs. These magical capabilities were withheld from the general population, and were considered far more powerful than that of Wynn's. The province itself is far older than the nearby Wynn Province, which was settled by Fruma humans.

In more recent times, the province of Fruma had been closed off to the province of Wynn, fearful of the disease that is the corruption. Recently however, Fruma opened its gates once more and provided aid to the province in the form of fresh recruits, including the player themself. Now however, the Province of Fruma is generally considered inferior to that of the Wynn Province, which, having endured eras of conflict, had grown into a mighty realm of warriors and heroes, much to the lament of Fruma.

Despite the fact, Fruma proved a powerful ally of the Wynn Province, helping to repopulate cities when their residents were slaughtered, and providing a constant flow of new soldiers to aid the war effort.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Ragni Outskirts is all but confirmed to be a tiny part of Fruma.
  • The citizens of Corkus originate from Fruma.
  • The Seaskipper Captain will occasionally mention that you are from Fruma.
  • The lumberjack on the road to the Ragni Castle says that you are one of the recruits from Fruma.
  • The guard outside Ragni castle mention Fruma, if you're a low-leveled player.
  • Fruma is a word derived from Old English meaning "origin".
  • The Seaskipper Captain occasionally mentions that, if the rumors he’s heard are true, Fruma is “[not] a nice place to live.”
  • In the Secret Easter Egg of ??? there was mention of Sohso, The 3th Brother of Yahya that he Traveled to Fruma to escape the meteor magic that Destroyed their minds

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