Fire & Water Cave

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Fire & Water Cave NaturalIcon.png
Inside of the cave
Coordinates X: -536, Z: -1706
Suggested Level 10
Type/Biomes Cave
Monsters Fire Zombie, Water Zombie
Uses None

The Fire & Water Cave is a small underground cave just north of Nivla Woods. It has entrances at either end of the short tunnel. In the cave there is a small lava pool and waterfall.

Location[edit | edit source]

 Location   Ragni Fields   X   -536  Y     Z   -1706  Wynncraft Map 

The cave can be found north of the Emerald Trail, or almost directly south of the Egg Merchant near Maltic. One entrance is in the ground just east of a large house with a broken tree branch trough the roof. The other entrance is at the roots of a tree a little further east.

Denizens[edit | edit source]

Two zombies, the Fire Zombie and the Water Zombie both spawn in the cave near the lava and water.

Image Name Appearance Drops
Mob Fire Zombie.png Fire Zombie
(Level 5)
Holds a fire charge and shoots fire balls. Fiery Aura
Mob Water Zombie.png Water Zombie
(Level 10)
Holds a water bucket and shoots water. Watery Aura