Eye of the Storm

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Removed Content
The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft and has been archived for historical purposes.

Eye of the Storm
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Lexdale
Province Gavel
Combat Level 72
Starter NPC Arwes
Reward As follows:

Eye of the Storm is a long level 72 quest, beginning in Lexdale.

Preview[edit | edit source]

It entails the player encountering Arwes, who says a mysterious giant hand appeared out of some magical portal, and so seeks the player's help to vanquish this demonic existence from Gavel.

Stage 1[edit | edit source]

» Talk to Arwes in the ruined cathedral.

 Location   Lexdale   X   -683  Y     Z   -5347  Wynncraft Map 



  • Arwes: Welcome, weary traveller. To the house of Talor... Or what remains of it.
  • Arwes: As you can see, times are hard in the forest, especially here in the west.
  • Arwes: Very few are left in this church. Myself, the good Pastor Nitram, and of course old Golie here.
  • Arwes: This used to be a thriving religious sanctuary, but all my brothers have turned to darkness.
  • Arwes: They think that our gods have abandoned us and the decay is our punishment. They now worship demons, of all things.
  • Arwes: It is heartbreaking to see such good people turned to this sort of depravity. Murder, sacrifice, oppression of the downtrodden...
  • ???: Let me go! I'm so young, you can't throw away my life like this. p-please! SOMEONE HELP ME!
  • Arwes: Wha?! That sounded like... oh gods no, another sacrifice? Even strong Talos...
  • Arwes: Please, human. I have heard of many kind acts by you folk, please help save Talos! It sounded like they were dragging him to the north-west crypt...

Stage 2[edit | edit source]

» Search the ruins to find the cultists.

 X   -714  Y     Z   -5385  Wynncraft Map 


  • ???: Please, NO! Don't do this!
  • ???: A Human! Oh, please help! They're going to try to feed me to a hellhound!

» Find Talos in the crypt.


» Kill the hellhound and free Talos.

  • Talos: That's the kind of strength I would expect from you humans! Thank you so very much! If you could cut me loose here...
  • Talos: Ah, there we go! These three madmen attacked me while I was sleeping, so I couldn't defend myself. They stole everything I had!
  • Talos: Hah, now that your little hellhound won't be eating me, you give me back my-
  • Talos: Wait, there...there's only two others... I'm sure there were three of them here just earlier. Has the third ran off with my things?! Tell me! Now!
  • ???: Yes indeed, foolish treasure hunter. Only one thing... but that is all we will need. It is more than enough. The rest will make but a fine offering to our lord...
  • Talos: Ugh, they ought to lock you nutters up in that dreadful prison. Well, whatever the case, was Arwes in the church?
  • Talos: He's probably rather worried about the both of us. You ought to go tell him we're alright. Even barehanded I can fend these loonies off.
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drop(s) Location
GiantRoach.png Giant Roach 72 3000 None AI - - - Crypt at
-715 43 -5385
HoodedFigure.png Hooded Figure 72 3500 Scared AI - - - Crypt at
-715 43 -5385
ChaoticHellhound.png Chaotic Hellhound 74 11300 Melee AI Heavy Charge ❉Weak

Hellhound Bone

Demonic Ashes
Crypt at
-715 43 -5385

Stage 3[edit | edit source]

» Return to Arwes in the cathedral.


  • Arwes: Oh, thank goodness you are safe. I never knew my old brothers were so strong to have taken a hardened adventurer like Talos.
  • Arwes: Now, I wouldn't normally ask someone for this kind of request, but since you have already proven yourself...
  • Arwes: And I truly have no where else to turn. I must ask you once more for help.
  • Arwes: A robed figure... I did not see their face, but they brandished a dark artifact. Apparently, stolen from Talos' treasures...
  • Arwes: They called it the [Eye of Blood]. Such a perverse, twisted aura... I nearly passed out on the spot. Who knows what they could do with it...
  • Arwes: They probably took it to the town they currently occupy, Lexdale. They have turned it into their own personal playground, with no regard for the people within.
  • Arwes: I cannot even so much as help them. The dark cult has completely blocked the town off from outsiders... And yet, the people of Cinfras don't even as much as bat an eye...
  • Arwes: But this is no time for grievances. You must retrieve the [Eye of Blood]. An old friend of mine, Ceyquin, might help you. You will have to sneak into Lexdale, though...

Stage 4[edit | edit source]

» Talk to Ceyquin in Lexdale.

 Location   Lexdale   X   -611  Y     Z   -5458  Wynncraft Map 



  • Ceyquin: What- A...A human? In Lexdale?! How did you get in, do you have a death wish?!
  • Ceyquin: Uh! I mean... P-praise our new lord, th-the great and terrible Naragath!
  • Ceyquin: Ugh...you're welcome, I brought us a few more minutes. those cultists have eyes and ears everywhere in my town anymore...
  • Ceyquin: Ther're trying to summon that Naragath character, whatever it is...some kind of demon, I suppose. They say if we obey them, he'll spare us.
  • Ceyquin: I want to stop them, but it's hopeless. They've already killed many dissenters just on their own, but I think they really can summon this demon.
  • Ceyquin: Just look to the north, you see that giant hand? They summoned it. As if the decay wasn't bad enough already, that looks completely different, and even worse!
  • Ceyquin: You don't believe me? Go inside my house and up to the highest balcony. You'll have a clear view of the pit from up there. Take a good long look at what you're up against!

Stage 5[edit | edit source]

» Climb to the balcony in Ceyquin's house.

  • A massive corrupted pit is visible in the distance, to the north-east. A similarly huge dark hand seems to be sprounting from within it. It strains your mind to view...

Stage 6[edit | edit source]

» Return to Ceyquin.


  • Ceyquin: N-no, nothing to hide! I wouldn't dream of barboring a dissident in my humble home!
  • Ceyquin: Phew...if you came out even a second earlier we'd both be dead on the spot! Anyway, do you see what you're up against now?
  • Ceyquin: I'd quicker try and kill Ozoth barehanded and bloody-knuckled than see the body attached to Naragath's hand there.
  • Ceyquin: If you really think can you help, you certainly won't be able to from here. The cultists have this town in a stranglehold.
  • Ceyquin: There is a wizard who sometimes sneaks in food for us...though, if he can't defeat them on his own, I don't know how much he could help you.
  • Ceyquin: Well...whatever the case, you'll want to go to the hill next to the hand. I think the house near to it is Rismor's.
  • Ceyquin: You can use the secret exit I've got in my basement to leave. Be quiet when you sneak in there. I'll make sure no one sees you.

Stage 7[edit | edit source]

» Enter the tunnel under Ceyquin's house.


  • Ceyquin: W-what? They...they knew about the tunnel?! I have to warn the human- N-no! They already jumped down! Oh no...
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drop(s) Location
ForgottenThrall.png Forgotten Thrall 70 3250 Melee AI - - - Tunnel at
-625 45 -5470
EarthenConstruct.png Earthen Construct 73 3600 Ranged AI - ❋Weak
- Tunnel at
-625 45 -5470
CaveJelly.png Cave Jelly 75 5000 Melee AI Slowness ✦Weak
- Tunnel at
-625 45 -5470

Stage 8[edit | edit source]

» Escape through the cavern and find Rismor in his house.

 X   -472  Y   66  Z   -5536  Wynncraft Map 
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to solving the red-block puzzles.
The answers for the red-block puzzles are:
  • Stage 1: Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up
  • Stage 2: Up, Left, Up, Left, Down, Left, Down, Left, Down, Right, Up, Right, Up
  • Stage 3: Left, Up, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Down, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up
  • Stage 3 (Alternatively) Up, Left, Down, Left, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up



  • Rismor: And STAY out of my home, you damn fool cultists! Can't you see that thing will just burn our world if you manage to summon it?!
  • Rismor: Oh, I wasn't talking to you, human. Those foolhardy cultists just broke into my house. I repelled them, though. So, what brings-
  • A massive tremor suddenly rocks the hill, and a wave of despair washes over you. This feels somehow familiar...
  • Rismor: Ugh, no, no, no! They're advancing further with the summoning! This can't have been my scroll, they only just left! How did they get this far so quickly?
  • Rismor: The...what now? The eye...the [Eye of Blood]?! A corrupted summoning item...this gives us no time at all! I need to figure something out now!
  • Rismor: Wait...what am I saying, there's a human in my house! You're known for helping those in need, right? Well, there's a lot on your shoulders today.
  • Rismor: Your heard me shout it earlier, it those idiots summon Naragath he could ravage the entire province! You see the giant hand, we'd be powerless to stop him!
  • Rismor: I'd send you straight in, but the Pit of Despair here...not only does it emanate hopelessness just of its own accord, but the newfound corruptive energies of the eye will overwhelm your mind.
  • Rismor: I'd cast a spell of protection on you, but those cultists are smart. They stole my wands and all my spell scrolls too. You'll have to get it back for me.
  • Rismor: They ran off towards their "Blood Oak", a tree they once used for sacrifices before they took the church crypts. It's just south of here. Pursue them!

Stage 9[edit | edit source]

» Find the Guardian and the ancient blood oak, south of Rismor's house.

 X   -461  Y     Z   -5397  Wynncraft Map 


  • The Guardian: Intruder! Leave now, and be unharmed. Walk further, and face your end, at my hands!
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drop(s) Location
EntAbomination.png Ent Abomination 72 2550 Ranged AI - - - Blood Oak at
-460 47 -5400
GuardianoftheOrder.png Guardian of the Order 72 11000 Melee AI Meteor ✦Def
Lost Spell Scroll
Blood Oak at
-460 47 -5400

Stage 10[edit | edit source]

» Kill the Guardian and bring back the Lost Spell Scroll to Rismor.


  • Rismor: I saw your fight. Did the accolyte there have the scroll?
  • Rismor: Thank goodness. If they'd run farther we would have certainly run out of time. We should consider ourselves lucky they decided to hold their ground.
  • Rismor: Not a second to waste, hand the scroll here and I'll read the incantation.
  • Rismor: Ballreth Illi’dan Coropleth!
  • A warming comfort suddenly washes over your body. The despair filing the air before seems distant now.
  • Rismor: Alright, you should be able to enter the pit safely now. Expect to be attacked. Hopefully my agent is still doing fine...
  • Rismor: His name is Harker. I sent him in a while ago to spy on the Order and sabotage their rituals. He's a fairly powerful magic user in of himself.
  • Rismor: I'll attempt to contact him via magic to tell him to expect you. I can't guarantee anything, but even if i can't contact him, he should know a human wouldn't be helping the Order.
  • Rismor: Now, get going, now! Into the Pit of Despair! You've not a moment to waste here.

Stage 11[edit | edit source]

» Enter the Pit of Despair.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drop(s) Location
AcolyteoftheOrder.png Acolyte of the Order 72 3390 Melee AI - - - Pit of Despair
InfernalImp.png Infernal Imp 73 3650 Ranged AI - ❉Weak
- Pit of Despair
AbyssalWight.png Abyssal Wight 73 3800 Melee AI - - - Pit of Despair
MagusoftheOrder.png Magus of the Order 74 3800 Ranged AI Teleport ✤Weak

Demonic Ashes
Pit of Despair

Stage 12[edit | edit source]

» Find a passage deeper into the Pit.



  • Harker: Phew...a friendly face. Come here, human. I need to talk to you quickly.

Stage 13[edit | edit source]

» Talk to Harker.


  • Harker: Well first off, I'm impressed. You look relatively unscathed.
  • Harker: I can't say I was so lucky. I was found out when I tried to steal the Eye from them. I'm rather crippled right now.
  • Harker: Nothing lethal, but I'll not be able to help you fight.
  • Harker: I can still use the magic Rismor taught me, so I can help you stop the ritual. The cultists have already begun.
  • Harker: They're performing the ritual in the next chamber. I'll take a shortcut there. We need to stop the ritual before they complete it!
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drop(s) Location
ObeliskoftheEye.png Obelisk of the Eye 75 12000 Ranged AI Heavy Slowness -
Demonic Ashes
Pit of Despair

Stage 14[edit | edit source]

» Enter the ritual chamber.


  • Naragath: Hsehehehh... I thank you, my loyal servants. This form will be a fine magic vessel... And with it, this world will be my own plaything, just as the other!

Stage 15[edit | edit source]

» Talk to Harker.


  • Harker: Gahh...how powerful is this thing?! Even just newly summoned...that force nearly knocked me out right here!
  • Harker: We can't afford to let him get any stronger... but conventional magic won't work on him! Your attacks will be useless.
  • Harker: We'll need to turn his own strength against him. Rismor taught me how to invert magical energy.
  • Harker: If you kill the cultists at the altar and get 5 Icons of Naragath, I should be able to weaken the demon enough for you to kill him! Now hurry!

Stage 16[edit | edit source]

» Approach Naragath's Altar.


  • Hierophants: Llid a adfail, ei ryddhau oddi wrth eich carchar marwol... gadewch affwys hwn a dod anhrefn i'r byd hwn pechadurus...
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drop(s) Location
HollowShade.png Hollow Shade 70 3250 Melee AI - -
Ghostly Essence
Pit of Despair
SacrificialRemains.png Sacrificial Remains 72 2300 None AI - - - Pit of Despair
HierophantoftheOrder.png Hierophant of the Order 75 7850 Melee AI - -
Demonic Ashes

Icon of Naragath
Pit of Despair
Naragath,theDemonPrince(Appearance1).png Naragath, the Demon Prince 90 1000000 Ranged AI Meteor
Heavy Weakness
- Pit of Despair

Stage 17[edit | edit source]

» Collect 5 Icons of Naragath from the Hierophants and give them to Harker.


  • Harker: Quick, give the Icons to me, I'll begin the spell…
  • Harker: Belrath Mellanon sinthos!
  • Harker: Okay, it should be working. Go! Quickly, lead him deeper into the cave. You must defeat him!

Stage 18[edit | edit source]

» Travel deeper into the cave.


  • Naragath: I will give credit where it is due. You are smart, "heroes". But how do you expect to destroy one who has twisted very realms to his will? Surrender now and I will consider sparing you!

Stage 19[edit | edit source]

» Talk to Harker.


  • Harker: Urgh... all this running around and magic casting... I don't know how long I'll be able to keep him weakened.
  • Harker: Even still, he's incredibly powerful, and I know exactly why.
  • Harker: The Eye of Blood is tying him to this plain of existence, if you can separate it from him, I think I could manage to banish him!.
  • Harker: I am still weak, so you will need to fight the demon on your own. Defeat him and bring me the Eye of Blood. We've made it this far, now let's end this!
  • Naragath: Hah. Do not delude yourselves! Your wills are bending to mine as we speak. You will learn your place soon enough, peons. Come! Dare to challenge me! Perhaps the flames of oblivion will comfort you!
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drop(s) Location
Naragath,theDemonPrince(Appearance2,Phase1).png Naragath, the Demon Prince
(Phase 1)
90 30000 RapidRanged AI Heavy Teleport
Heavy Flamethrower
Naragath, the Demon Prince
(Phase 2)
Pit of Despair
Naragath,theDemonPrince(Appearance2,Phase2).png Naragath, the Demon Prince
(Phase 2)
90 30000 Crawl AI Heavy Charge
Heavy Teleport

Eye of Blood
Naragath, the Demon Prince
(Phase 1)

Stage 20[edit | edit source]

» Kill Naragath and give the Eye of Blood to Harker.


  • Harker: The Eye! You did it!
  • Harker: For as much as I want to say this went well, his talk wasn't just bluster. I was close to breaking... it's a good thing you knocked the Eye away from him when you did.
  • Harker: Now that his influence is gone though, I feel rather invigorated. I'll try and teleport you back to the surface.
  • Harker: Don't worry about me. Even if I'm killed down here, the rest of Gavel will be safe if you get out safely.
  • Harker: Here. Take the Eye of Blood and bring it to Rismor on the surface. He should know how to keep it locked up tightly.

Stage 21[edit | edit source]

» Leave the Pit of Despair.

Stage 22[edit | edit source]

» Give the Eye of Blood to Rismor.


  • Rismor: I'm at loss for words. I didn't expect you to survive.
  • Rismor: The hand started moving even further after you went down. I had to step outside and attempt to freeze it myself. I thought you had died for sure, and that Naragath had been summoned!
  • Rismor: But, just a few minutes before you came back, it suddenly stopped. It seems to be frozen like that now. It'd be better if it had disappeared, but this is preferable to an apocalypse.
  • Rismor: The cultists suddenly panicked when the hand petreated of its own accord as it did. Most of them seem to have left Lexdale.
  • Rismor: So not only have you personally saved the town, but potentially all of Gavel with your actions.
  • Rismor: For now, I will hide the Eye of Blood and make sure no one touches it ever again. And I will be sure to keep an eye on the remaining cultists.
  • Rismor: The people of Lexdale will be able to live again. Thanks to you.
  • Rismor: Farewell, adventurer. I do hope we may meet again, under better circumstances.I can only pray that this is the last we will clash with those from the realm of darkness.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Multiple NPCs of this quest have a name which is an anagram of characters from the book Dracula. Arwes makes Dr. Seward, Ceyquin and Rismor together form Quincey Morris, and Harker is the surname of Jonathan Harker.
  • This quest is frequently cited by the community to be one of the worst quests in Wynncraft.
  • The Hierophants' dialogue is in Welsh and translates to, "Wrath and ruin, release from your mortal prison... leave this abyss and bring chaos to this sinful world..."
  • This quest has been replaced in the 1.20 Gavel Reborn update, by Lexdale Witch Trials.