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Emerald Imp

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Emerald Imp
Type Fleeing Imp
Level 1
Location Nonspecific
Health 50
Drops ?? emeralds

An Emerald Imp is a baby zombie with an emerald block as its head, and it holds an emerald in its hand. Since it's a baby zombie, it will run very fast and try to dodge you by changing its direction of running.

Note: This is one on the few mobs that will run away from the player on sight.

Location[edit | edit source]

The Emerald Imp is a rare mob that can spawn anywhere in the world. From current documented screenshots, we know the Emerald Imp can be seen in Legendary Island, Nesaak, Nemract, the Ragni Outskirts, The Great Bridge, Detlas, the Mesa and on the Emerald Trail.

Gallery[edit | edit source]