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NPC Info
Coordinates X: 1172, Z: -2028
Location Slime Cave
Quest Involved Green Gloop

Eluzterp is the starting NPC for the quest Green Gloop.

Location[edit | edit source]

 Location   Slime Cave   X   1172   Y   77   Z   -2028 

Eluzterp resides at the entrance of the Slime Cave east of Almuj.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Starting Quest:[edit | edit source]

  • Eluzterp: Oh, hey! You, adventurer over there! Would you mind helping me?
  • Eluzterp: You see, this cave behind me has been troubling me for the past while now.
  • Eluzterp: There are special slimes that live in there, and they drop a certain goo that is quite a delecacy when brewed into a drink!
  • Eluzterp: They are called Gooey Slimes, and should be at the very back. A friend of mine drinks the stuff like water, and he refuses to work without it.
  • Eluzterp: However, the slimes have gotten stronger about a month ago. I'm unable to retrieve it any more, I've come close to getting killed a few times!
  • Eluzterp: You, however, seem much better equipped than I. Hopefully you can do it.
  • Eluzterp: If you decide to help me, you'll need to obtain a special device for retrieving it, as the slime will dry up quickly in the air.
  • Eluzterp: A... less fickle glassblower, Yodbon, can make it for you. He should be living in a house in front of the Almuj bank.
  • Eluzterp: I'll need [8 Slimey Goo] since we'll need a big batch of drinks. If you help, I'll be sure to tell him, and he'll probably let you into his shop.

Mid Quest:[edit | edit source]

  • Eluzterp: have you gotten me [8 Slimey Goo] yet?

Finishing Quest:[edit | edit source]

  • Eluzterp: Oh, you're back! Good to see you were able to get through there. Have you got a full Slime Scooper?
  • Eluzterp: Hmm, yes, everything seems to be in order. Perfect!
  • Eluzterp: Thank you very much. Finally, I'll be able to get him in gear again... Why are all Villagers so fickle like that?
  • Eluzterp: Well, I suppose that's beside the point. I'll be sure to let him know you got him his most recent fix.
  • Eluzterp: He hangs around in a little black stall in the bazaar, there's a basement to it. He should let you inside now.
  • Eluzterp: And, for your troubles, a little something from me as well.

After Quest:[edit | edit source]

  • Eluzterp: Ah, hello again. This latest batch of drinks apparently really revitalized him. He said he's looking to make some great craft.
  • Eluzterp: Those Villagers are a little bit crazy though... I have no idea what kind of material it is that he insists he needs for it.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Eluzterp is a cousin of Yodbon
  • Eluzterp's name is derived from the moderator Pretzule
  • If you talk to Eluzterp in Stage 2 of the Green Gloop quest you will get a void message on chat