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Eldritch Outlook

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Eldritch Outlook DungeonIcon.png
Eldritch Outlook Icon
Coordinates X: 1306, Z: -776
Minimum Suggested Level ???
Reward ???
Monsters Eldritch Outlook Mobs
Boss The Eye
Battle ???%
Puzzle ???%
Parkour ???%

"A gigantic and peculiar-looking monument blocks the exit towards Dern itself. What kind of madness lies in it?"

- WynnCraft Website

The Eldritch Outlook is a dungeon that was released during the 1.19 Silent Expanse Update, and stands near the end of the Silent Expanse blocking the way to the Portal to Dern.

Room 1[edit | edit source]

By entering the dungeon, the player will find themselves in a room with a large staircase leading to a gigantic door. Upon going closer the door will open, revealing a snowy landscape with a mirror on one side, reflecting the entire room.

Room 2[edit | edit source]

The player is able to travel back and forth the two sides of the mirror by running through it, and mirror-related mobs will spawn on either end. The goal of this room is to kill the mobs, which will drop tokens, and bring 16 tokens to the back of the reflected side of the snowy landscape to open a door to the next room.

Image Name Level Health Abilities Elemental Stats Drop(s) Location
Inverstare.png Inverstare 103 ??? Vanish Fire: Damage, Defense
Air: Damage, Defense
??? Eldritch Outlook
Inverspirit(Male).png Inverspirit
105 ??? ??? Water: Weakness
Air: Damage
Thunder: Damage, Defense
Earth: Defense
??? Eldritch Outlook
Inverspirit(Female).png Inverspirit
105 ??? ??? Water: Weakness
Air: Damage
Thunder: Damage, Defense
Earth: Defense
??? Eldritch Outlook

Room 3[edit | edit source]

The next area will open up to a balcony on one of the ledges of the gigantic building of The Eldritch Outlook, where the Silent Expanse can be seen far below. Enter the doorway on the top of the small flight of stairs to go back into the building and to the next room.