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About this Guide[edit | edit source]

This is a basic user leveling guide for levels 1 to 100! It will include quest recommendations, where to grind mobs, and how to help boost your experience! It is one of many User Guides on the Wiki and the Wynncraft Forum! It is currently a condensed guide, and we shall add more detailed notations and a gallery with images. It is currently a work in progress!

Note: Coordinates go X then Z, not Z then X. There is no Y because most times we cannot go underground, but if there is a middle number, it is a Y!

Example: If the area is at X=123, Y=64, and Z=-523 on the surface, the coords would read (123, -523).
Example 2: If the area is underground at X=55, Y=23, and Z=9001, the coords would read (55, 23, 9001).

Note: As of right now, no purely underground, non-quest, area seems to exist that require a Y coordinate.

Important note: Most of these coordinates are incorrect and need to be changed. (Level 1-40 coordinates now correct)

Level 1-10[edit | edit source]

  • Around the perimeter of Ragni (-718,-1580).
  • Grind for fishing, mining, farming, and woodcutting until they are level 10
  • Around the Identifier, just a little East of Ragni (-551,-1578).
  • Down the road from Ragni where there are two small Zombie ruins, one with level 1-3 mobs, and the other with level 5+ mobs, pick your position! (-547, -1568 and -530,-1624)
  • The Decrepit Sewers northwards of Ragni, it provides quite a hefty sum of experience and Emeralds! (-900,-1880)
  • Inside the Nivla Woods, it is quite full of low level Spiders and Zombies (-200,-1600).

Level 11-20[edit | edit source]

  • Ancient Nemract's level 17 Colosseum (250,-1950).
  • Do your quests.
  • Ancient Nemract has a lot of level 17+ Skeletons, you should grind those for rapid experience.
  • Farm Pigmen underground at (-610,-1580).
  • The level 12 mushroom cave on the Black Road between Ternaves and Detlas.

Level 21-30[edit | edit source]

  • Kill some level 18 Skeletons around Nemract (110,-800) and the Corrupted Village (400,-1120).
  • Kill Pigmen at the Pigmen's Ravines (South of Ragni, or -650,-1270).
  • Do the many quests you have accumulated throughout level 20, this should get you past 30 if you do it on 28-29.
  • Grind the Zombies at (100,-976) and around (7,-671).
  • After done all the quests, grind the zombies and/or the skeletons on the tree in Saint's Row until level 29. (300,-2075).
  • Grind the Underworld Crypt, or Lost Sanctuary dungeons.
  • Grind the Saint's Row graveyard and kill the starred mobs for rapid exp.

Level 31-40[edit | edit source]

  • Grind the Desert Scarabs and Spiders around (934,-2165).
  • Do your few quests that you've gotten, they level you very fast to get to level 36.
  • Grind the Sand-Swept Tomb and Underworld Crypt dungeons, alone or with friends.
  • Grind the cave system between the Mesa and Miner camp, there are 2 high level loot chests and a ton of corrupted ore.

Level 41-50[edit | edit source]

  • Kill Hungry Wendigos around Nesaak, they're very good for experience. It is found that the ones on the edge tend to be easier to get at and kill, while the more inland you go, the more Wolves you will encounter. (110,-800, Nesaak, not actually the border).
  • Icy Golem cave at (-370 -245) - 221-257 XP per kill.
  • After starting the Bob's Tomb quest, farm in his tomb.
  • Travel to the Icy Islands and go to the Ancient Zombie Island, it contains level 43 and 45 Zombies using Adventurer Armour, they don't drop it, but they sure are easy to kill! (1080,-3320, Inside the main castle)
  • Grind on the Ghost Ship out at sea from the Icy Islands (north) [700,-3700].
  • Do the many quests at levels 41-50.
  • Grind some Orcs in the Llevigar Plains.
  • Grind the Ice Barrows dungeon (not recommended unless you have a lot of time to spare)
  • Grind the first floor of the Tower of Ascension

Level 51-60[edit | edit source]

  • Go to the cave with Frozen Iron Golems (-350, -290) in the Ice Canyon and grind the mobs that spawn there. The golems have a very high spawn rate, which makes this an excellent farming spot.
  • Grind on the Rotten Zombies around Troms, a good spot is at -561,-597, on the top of the small Stone Fence. It takes parkour to get onto it, but the Zombies can't hit you!
  • Kill Baab's Follower's in the Maro Peaks mine, Note: They are high leveled, and you may get a little aggravated about their insane knockback. (100,-3974, Just follow the path towards the large pit, You should be able to jump down easily to kill them).
  • Grind in the caves scattered around the jungle. There are some really good ones that have a lot of level 56 zombies.
  • Grind around (86,-362), grind in the The House of Twain.
  • Grind at the Herb Cave.
  • Kill Swamp Nagas just east of Olux, close to a small lake.
  • Do your level 51-60 quests.
  • Grind the Undergrowth Ruins dungeon.

Level 61-70[edit | edit source]

Level 71-80[edit | edit source]

Level 81-90[edit | edit source]

  • Do your level 81-90 quests (same with the Lv. 71-80 quests; these will most likely bring you up to at least level 90)
  • Grind at Freezing Heights. You can also grind at the Magma Entity cave underneath it, as the mobs there give good XP as well (but not recommended).
  • Join a grinding party at the Demon Cave.
  • Join a Corrupted Sand-Swept Tomb or Corrupted Undergrowth Ruins (Level 89+) party.

Level 91-106[edit | edit source]

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Every single quest is always important to complete, as most quests give you a big boost towards the next level.
  • The further the level you are from the mob, the less experience you'll get for killing it.
  • You get bonus experience for being in a party (20% bonus).
  • When players use experience bombs on a server, everyone on it gets double experience for 20 minutes. Farming in this time period is helpful as you will level up much faster than normal.
  • If you have a rank, you can use your mob totems to increase the spawn rate of enemies, and in turn receiving more XP.
  • Self-preservation is ALWAYS more important than getting another kill.
  • If you have one, always wear an XP set while grinding; it makes a big difference.
  • Mini-quests are useful too! They make you grind heavily and give you some experience at the end!
  • For Level 80+, use Cosmic Armour, 2x XP, scrolls, potions and food to get maximum XP. You can get up to 1000% XP Bonus (CUR gives about 1.6m XP. With the max boost, you can get about 16m XP from CUR, but it is VERY challenging unless you buy it from the Trade Market)

Video[edit | edit source]