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Figyelem: Ez az oldal még hiányos, és/vagy nincs kész.

Négy Fal Közt
Küldetés infó
Hosszúság Közepes
Helyszín Nemract
Szint 24
Jutalom A következőek:

A Négy Fal Közt egy közepes, 24-es szintű küldetés, amely Nemract egy nemesi kúriájában játszódik.

Előzmény[edit | edit source]

This quest tells of a mansion built by a Corkian architect; its rooms move around randomly. Leucsaa, the woman who bought the house, left her priceless journal in there, and wants the player to get it for her.

1. Szakasz[edit | edit source]

» Beszélj Leucsaa-val a lepukkant ház előtt.


  • Leucsaa: Let's see here... mother's old vase... check!
  • Leucsaa: Dining room table... got it here, check!
  • Leucsaa: Finally, the journal. It's out here somewhere, I assume. I'll look around.
  • Leucsaa: ...
  • Leucsaa: Hold on, what? The journal! I must have forgotten it inside the mansion!
  • Leucsaa: You! Sir! Would you mind doing me a deed?
  • Leucsaa: I left a very precious journal inside this mansion, a hell within walls. It was my great grandfather's!
  • Leucsaa: The mansion was designed by a Corkian architect, and I was scammed into buying it.
  • Leucsaa: If you step inside the mansion just for a few moments, you'll understand why the sellers had to trick someone into investing in their god forsaken real estate!
  • Leucsaa: Navigating from room to room is nearly impossible, the rooms move around. I've only been in this mansion for a week and I'm already packing my bags and moving to Detlas.

2. Szakasz[edit | edit source]

» Find Leucsaa's journal.

Spoiler veszély: A rejtett szöveg spoilereket tartalmaz Leucsaa naplójának megtalálásával kapcsolatban.
The solution is:

- Enter the mansion.
- Click the button on the emerald block enough times, so that the light grey carpet on the next floor is placed facing north (the same direction in which the button that you have to press is positioned).
- Walk up the stairs, into the colored wool room and then simply follow the path through the rooms until you see yet another button on the 3rd floor.
- Press the button on the 3rd floor only once.
- Instead of going back downstairs turn right and find the location where there is a hole in the floor and in the floor below, you should see the journal from up there.
- Jump down two stories, kill and collect the book, exit the mansion.

You can also use your boost spell if you are not warrior (teleport on mage, escape on archer, vanish on assassin), to go through a ceiling hole.

3. Szakasz[edit | edit source]

» Return to Leucsaa with her journal.


  • Leucsaa: The journal! You outsmarted that mansion!
  • Leucsaa: I must thank you, that journal was priceless to my family.
  • Leucsaa: Let this be a life lesson to you. Never buy a house from a Corkian architect.

Apróságok[edit | edit source]