Dwarves and Doguns Part IV

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Dwarves and Doguns Part IV
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Molten Heights
Level 94
Reward As follows

Dwarves and Doguns Part IV is a long quest taking place in the Molten Heights area. It is the fourth and final quest in the Molten Heights storyline.

Preview[edit | edit source]

The war between the Dwarves and Doguns is just moments away, with one final chance of stopping it.

Stage 1[edit | edit source]

» Return to Korzim on the second floor of the enchanter in Maex with the Amulet of Fire Resistance and the Staff of True Ice.

 X   1514   Y   51   Z   -5342 


  • Korzim: <Playername>... Do you... have... the items?
  • Korzim: The war... is starting... and Axelus... isn't back...
  • Korzim: We can't... go... Without him... You... must find him... And bring him to the... Dogun village.
  • Korzim: Go.. to Rodoroc... it's not safe... for me. Find Axelus... save... Molten Heights.

Stage 2[edit | edit source]

» Head to Rodoroc and look for Axelus.

 X   1117   Y   11   Z   -5135 


  • Soldier: The first group has already started their climb, let's hurry.


  • Rodoroc Citizen: The prince has been caged at the Statue of Heroes!
  • Rodoroc Citizen: No... Axelus? Why would the King lock up his own son?


  • Rodoroc Citizen: Royal blood or not, a traitor is a traitor. He was consorting with Demons.
  • Axelus: <Playername>, the negotiations didn't go so well. I might need your help here.
  • Axelus: There's only one way out of here I can think of. Look up.
  • Axelus: There's a lava bucket directly above us, if you can find the control panel that's around here you can release me. Maybe the statues are climbable?

Stage 3[edit | edit source]

» Free Axelus and escape the city.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to freeing Axelus.
To the right of the signs below where Axelus is kept prisoner, there is a red carpet that leads to some parkour to the button that releases Axelus.


  • Rodoroc Citizen: That human destroyed the statue! GET HIM!
  • Axelus: <Playername> we gotta get out of here, right now! Meet me outside!


  • Axelus: <Playername>, over here, to your right. I've... borrowed this cannon.
  • Axelus: We need to get up to the Doguns now.. I heard they were going to use the Dragon bone to summon... it.
  • Axelus: There's no time.. Jump in the cannon. I'm sure you'll be fine.


  • Axelus: Don't tell anyone we shot ourselves out of a cannon, I'll never live it down. We have to move, follow me.
  • Axelus: Oh no... We're too late. We need to get to the altar and stop the Doguns from summoning Garaheth.
  • Axelus: Remember, we are on nobody's side. This isn't about the two races anymore, this is about the fate of Molten Heights and the world. Do what you have to do.
  • A hole in the wall has been opened...

Stage 4[edit | edit source]

» Reach the portal and stop Garaheth.


  • Dogun Chieftain: I'm sorry... you are... too late.
  • Dogun Chieftain: My people... will be... avenged.


  • Axelus: We prepared for this. There is no other way. While he's still chained, enter his mouth and freeze him from the inside. The amulet should keep you safe from the heat.

Stage 5[edit | edit source]

» Enter the body of Garaheth.

Stage 6[edit | edit source]

» Find all 4 organs and destroy them.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to destroying the organs.
Right clicking the green particles with the Staff of True Ice will solidify the organ. Do this 4 times to progress. The last organ requires an item dropped by the boss of the room.

Stage 7[edit | edit source]

» Leave Garaheth and exit his realm.


  • Axelus: People, People... STOP!
  • Axelus: Wake up! Look behind me, THAT was the true fate of this war.
  • Axelus: Garaheth would have destroyed us all, Dogun or Dwarf.
  • Axelus: We are ALL to blame for this. The Doguns were living up here in peace.
  • Axelus: But we couldn't just let anything be. You always need MORE glory, don't you father.
  • Axelus: And YOU, Doguns. I pitied you. I thought you were wronged all this time. You resorted to total annihilation instead of defeat.
  • Dogun Chieftain: You do not.. understand... what it is like... to be... persecuted.
  • Dwarven Commander: You all deserve it! Total monsters who killed our ancestors for sport!
  • Dogun Chieftain: You... only read stories... We... lived through... the war. We... were there... Dwarves... took everything.
  • Axelus: I've been trying to tell BOTH of you that the monarchy have been spreading lies for centuries! The dwarves are not bad.. just misguided.
  • Dogun Chieftain: We have... no time... for petty... propaganda excuses. We... lost... everything... everyone.
  • Dogun Chieftain: Perhaps the Dwarves... need to... lose... everything... too.
  • Axelus: PLEASE, STOP!
  • Korzim: NOOO... AXE... LUS!
  • Korzim: ...he...
  • Korzim: Axelus... No...
  • King of Rodoroc: Axelus, hold on son. I'm so sorry my boy. I should have listened. No...
  • King of Rodoroc: You! You and your DEMONS did this!
  • Axelus: Father...how many times.. must I ask you to stop the lie. I just have.. one final wish... make peace... tell the truth..
  • King of Rodoroc: ... Axelus.. I'm so sorry.
  • King of Rodoroc: ... He is gone.
  • King of Rodoroc: I was never a good father, and now I can see I never was a good King, either.
  • King of Rodoroc: Men, step down. This war is over. Chief, perhaps you would give me just an hour of your time..?
  • A few hours later...

Stage 8[edit | edit source]

» Speak with the King of Rodoroc and the Dogun Chieftain.


  • King of Rodoroc: Ah. the Human is here. I understand you and my son were close.
  • King of Rodoroc: Paku and I have had a long discussion about the wisdom of youth over the old.
  • Dogun Chieftain: We agreed... a peace treaty. The Dwarves... will help us rebuild... a new city.
  • Dogun Chieftain: We will... end all... hostilities... and revive... the entombed.
  • King of Rodoroc: Every King for centuries has battled with their morality over the lies that were told to the people.
  • King of Rodoroc: The lies end now. Naturally, it may take some time, but the bloodshed has proven things have to change now.
  • King of Rodoroc: You and the coalition have saved the Heights, and Gavel. In Maex, you will find a shop that sells a rare and valuable ingredient. You will be granted special Dwarven privileges to purchase it as a reward. Thank you, Wynn soldier.