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Dungeon Key

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Dungeon Key

Item Dungeon Key
Type Ticket
Obtain Killing a Key Guardian
Usage Access to Dungeons

Dungeon Keys are used to access Dungeons. They only grant access once and are consumed by the dungeon's Key Collector before entry. Each dungeon has its own separate key.

Obtain[edit | edit source]

Dungeon Keys can mainly be obtained by killing the respective dungeon's Key Guardian. They are harder to kill than regular mobs their level, and only drop one key each.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Each key grants access to the specified dungeon once.

Name Dungeon Level Coordinates
Decrepit Sewers Key 9
 Location   Northern Ragni   X   -919   Y      Z   -1883 
Infested Pit Key 18
 Location   Nivla Woods   X   -167   Y      Z   -1821 
Lost Sanctuary Key 24
 Location   Elkurn Fields   X   -262   Y      Z   -1045 
Underworld Crypt Key 27
 Location   Ancient Nemract   X   227   Y      Z   -1950 
Sand-Swept Tomb Key 36
 Location   Almuj Desert   X   1409   Y      Z   -1830 
Ice Barrows Key 45
 Location   Nesaak Forest   X   177   Y      Z   -667 
Undergrowth Ruins Key 54
 Location   Troms Lakes   X   -659   Y      Z   -836 
Galleon's Graveyard Key 63
 Location   Ocean   X   -583   Y      Z   -3468 
Corrupted Decrepit Sewers Key 70
 Location   Northern Ragni   X   -919   Y      Z   -1883 
Corrupted Infested Pit Key 74
 Location   Nivla Woods   X   -167   Y      Z   -1821 
Corrupted Lost Sanctuary Key 78
 Location   Elkurn Fields   X   -262   Y      Z   -1045 
Fallen Factory Key 90
 Location   Corkus   X   -1515   Y      Z   -2715