Draconic Bone Marrow

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Draconic Bone Marrow

Tier ✫✫✫
Crafting Lv. Min. 96

Draconic Bone Marrow is a tier 3 crafting ingredient obtained from a Pyroclastic Hydra, and can be used for crafting in the professions Cooking, Alchemism, and Scribing. This ingredient grants an item to the left or right in your recipe a +20% boost in stats along with an extra 2 charges, at the cost of 47 seconds of duration.


+20% Ingredient Effectiveness (to ingredient to the left)
+20% Ingredient Effectiveness (to ingredient to the right)

Crafting Suggestions

  • Draconic Bone Marrows could be used to increase effectiveness of ingredients with Loot Bonus or XP Bonus, particularly Dried Gills. This, along with the extra 2 charges granted by a Draconic Bone Marrow, could allow for a multi-use, potentially long lasting crafted food, making it great for any loot run or dungeon run.