Diamond Mines

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Diamond Mines NaturalIcon.png
Diamond Mines 02.png
A part of the cave
Access Points North: 719, -1846
East: 802, -1779
South: 741 -1696
Type/Biomes Cave
Uses Decoration

The Diamond Mines are a very large cave structure at the south end of the Savannah near Ternaves. It has three different exits, one on the north side directly next to a small wooden bridge, one on the east side facing Almuj and one on the south side near Ternaves.

Inside the cave spawn a lot of different mobs and it contains several loot chests, even one of the very rare level 4 ones.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

Mobs[edit | edit source]

  • Dead Bandit (Lv. 26)
  • Crazy Train (Lv. 20)
  • Snake (Lv. 20)

Gallery[edit | edit source]