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Detlas Ballroom

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Detlas Ballroom StructureIcon.png
Detlas Ballroom.png
Aerial image of the Detlas Ballroom
Coordinates X: 453, Z: -1552
Access Points South-West corner of the Detlas City.

424 -1560

Suggested Level 10
Involved Quests Meaningful Holiday
Type/Biomes Plains
Uses Quest

The Detlas Ballroom is a location in the Meaningful Holiday quest. In the quest, it asks that player to go and ask for food, but when they won't give it, the player has to steal. When Nick finds out that the player stole food from the kitchen he tells the guests and tells them of all of the people that starve every day. After this, the player is teleported back to Almuj and you see Santa making the place snow.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • At the entrance to the ballroom, there is a Ticket Merchant that exchanges 1 Invitation Letter for 1 Ball Ticket. It is not needed to enter the ball; rather, it's there to signify the fact that the player was not invited to the ball.