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Detlas CityIcon.png
A screenshot of Detlas, the trading town
Discovery Lore
The center of the Wynn Province. This city is a massive hub of trade for all adventurers, whether they have just started their journey or have been at it their whole lives.
Coordinates X: 470, Z: -1582
Minimum Suggested Level 10
Standard Merchants
Armour Merchant Level 6-17
Weapon Merchant Level 13, 19
Potion Merchant Level 1-25
Other Merchants Emerald Merchant
Liquid Emerald Merchant
Scroll Merchant
Ticket Merchant
Other Amenities Bank
Item Identifier
Powder Master
Quest Starts Grave Digger
Sister City
Suspended Flowers
Involved Quests Jungle Fever
Meaningful Holiday
Flight in Distress

Detlas is the central city of Wynn. It is home to many merchants and a rather large amount of quest-giving NPCs. It also houses a Bank, which is one of the three Banks easily accessible to lower level players. Detlas is referred to by certain signs throughout the province as "Detlas (Trading Town)". A good city for endgame players.

Map[edit | edit source]


Points of interest[edit | edit source]

Gates[edit | edit source]

Areas[edit | edit source]

  • The Marketplace is found in the north-western corner of Detlas.
  • The North-South Road connects the North and South Gates
  • The East-West Road connects the East and West Gates
  • The Hourglass Tower is located in the center of Detlas and is very similar to the one located in Selchar
  • The Bank is located south-east to the Hourglass Tower
  • Detlas Airbase is located in the south-west corner of Detlas
  • The Archway is over the western side of the East-West Road

Quick Travel[edit | edit source]

  • Just outside the Western Gate a tunnel can be found that allows quick travel between Detlas and Ragni. You must have completed the quest Tunnel Trouble in order to use the tunnel.
  • In the Detlas Airbase lies the airship which can be used for quick travel between Cinfras and Detlas. You must have completed the quest Flight in Distress in order to gain access to fast travel between the two cities.

Crafting Stations[edit | edit source]

Merchants[edit | edit source]

  • A Weapon Merchant is located on the north side of the Marketplace.

  • An Armour Merchant is located in the north-east corner of the Marketplace. It sells mid-levelled golden chestplates and leggings.

  • An Identifier is located in the very center of the city.

  • A Liquid Emerald Merchant can be found inside the Bank to the left of the Emerald Merchants.

  • Detlas' Emerald Merchants stay inside the Bank.

  • Detlas' Blacksmith is directly opposite of the Bank, north-west of the Item Identifier.

  • A Potion Merchant has a shop north-east of the Item Identifier and sells health, mana, and elemental potions.

  • Detlas' Scroll Merchant is found slightly inside the Southern Gate, it sells scrolls for Detlas and Ragni

  • A Powder Master is in the northeast corner of the city.

  • Detlas' Dungeon Scroll Merchant is found at the west most part of the Marketplace

NPCs[edit | edit source]



The Banker


Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Detlas is the central hub of Wynn Province. Many people visit there to trade and to chat.
  • Detlas is Salted (one of the server owners) spelled backwards.
  • The area around Detlas is a very good farming place for levels 5-20~ due to large amount of Zombies spawning.
  • Detlas has all 4 of the gathering professions has areas for you to grind as a level 1+, and all 8 of the crafting stations are located inside of the city.
  • If the user completes the Tunnel Trouble quest, a passage outside of Detlas can be used to Fast Travel to Ragni and vice versa.
  • If the user completes the Flight in Distress quest, the airship unlocks, allowing Fast Travel between Detlas and Cinfras
  • The Ticket Merchant is used for the Meaningful Holiday quest.
  • Detlas was revamped completely in the 1.18 Economy update to better suit its significant importance.