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Desert of Almuj

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Desert of Almuj RegionIcon.png
Almuj Desert.png
The Desert of Almuj
Coordinates X: 1200, Z: -1950
Suggested Level 30
Quest Starts Wrath of the Mummy
Green Gloop
Kingdom of Sand
Type/Biomes Desert
Region Capital Almuj
Monsters Scarab
Desert Spider
Dry Zombie
Shiny Scorpion
Desert Camel
Shifting Sandpile
Crystalized Miner

The Desert of Almuj lies on the far east of Wynn Province. Its only city, Almuj separates it from the green fields of the rest of the province of Wynn. The desert has some old ruins, relics of the past and a river separating the desert into two sides.

On the north side of the desert is the Mummy's Tomb involved with the Wrath of the Mummy quest, and the Scarab Pit. On its east side, there is the Sand-Swept Tomb Dungeon the starting place of Kingdom of Sand, as well as the Invaded Barracks, which is associated with The Mercenary quest. On the south side, there is an Excavation site, a few small caves like the bandit hideout, and a Junk merchant. The south side of the Desert also opens up to the Mesa in which Rymek is located. At the river, a few Desert settlements can be found. In the middle, the entrance to the Slime Cave stands, hosting a quest start.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

Buildings[edit | edit source]

  • The WynnExcavation Site A is just a little further than Ormrod. It is really easy to find.
  • Ormrod's tent is exactly south of the city.
  • Sand-Swept Tomb is at the very east of the desert, a little to the mesa.
  • The Invaded Barracks is north-east, after you go through the river bridge, when you go north you'll probably find blood.
  • Mesa Stairs is south of the desert, it goes to the Owl Camp, where you start Tribal Aggression.

NPCs[edit | edit source]




Excavator Vade






Almuj Bank Guard

Merchants[edit | edit source]

Taproot transparent.png Dungeon Shop