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Depressing Items

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Depressing items are special armour and weapons that are practically useless. They all bear the lore 'Depressing Item'. Depressing items do not contain any identifications.

Depressing Armour[edit | edit source]

Depressing armour is only dropped by the rarest mobs, and is therefore very difficult to obtain. These are prized, collectable items that can be sold on the player market for a large sum of emeralds.

Icon Item Name Defense Min. Lv. Dropped By

Depressing Helmet 0 20 Pumpkin Zombie

Mama Zomble's Memory 0 1 Mama Zomble

Depressing Weapons[edit | edit source]

Depressing weapons are only dropped by Ragni Plains mobs, and the Nesaak forest mobs.

There are four Depressing Weapons:

Icon Item Name Damage Min. Level

Depressing Spear 0-1 1

Depressing Stick 0-1 1

Depressing Bow 0-1 1

Depressing Dagger 0-1 1

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • All four depressing weapons are required to complete the Bob's Lost Soul quest.
  • Obtain depressing items by killing Ragni Plains mobs, killing Nesaak Forest mobs, and Bob Tomb mobs.
  • Previous duplication glitches have resulted in the dramatic drop in value for Depressing Armor.

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