Demon's Eye

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Demon's Eye
Type Flying
Level 55
Location Twain Lake Corruption Spikes
Health ~5050
Drops None
Elemental Effects
Neutral ???
Earth Weakness
Thunder Damage
Fire Defense

Evil Eye
Type Ranged
Level 50
Location Twain Lake Corruption Spikes
Health 2335
Drops None
Elemental Effects
Neutral ???
Thunder Defense
Water Defense

The Demon's Eye is a level 55 miniboss that spawns above the corrupted spikes along the river south of Nesaak, near the House of Twain. It is a floating mob that hovers high above the ground, and thus is difficult to attack by ordinary means (especially for shorter-range classes such as the Warrior and Assassin).

Although it seems unassuming at first glance, walking into a battle with the Demon's Eye unprepared can be extremely dangerous at any level. It doesn't deal damage directly; instead, its primary attack is a very powerful Pull spell, which it uses frequently and to great effect. This spell can reach you from very far away, and pulls you high into the air towards the Eye; it can throw you as high as the mountains and as far as the Twain river, and often results in massive amounts of fall damage being taken.

In addition, though the Eye's Pull spell is usually used once before recharging, it will sometimes cast several spells in rapid succession (as many as a dozen within a few seconds); this can result in a player being slammed into the ground several times in a row, resulting in even more drastic damage.

Minions[edit | edit source]

Beneath the Demon's Eye, around the spikes, spawn several weaker level 50 Evil Eyes, which appear as ghostly spider eyes. They attack by throwing projectiles at players very rapidly, and although they are not as dangerous, their attacks can quickly add up to deal large amounts of damage, and their presence can complicate the already dangerous battle with the Demon's Eye. The Evil Eyes each have 2335 health, and have defense against both Thunder and Water attacks.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Though the Demon's Eye is very difficult to reach, especially for melee fighters, its spell can be leveraged to gain a position to attack from. If you can reach the top of a tree, for example, either by climbing or being thrown by the Eye, you can attack it without fear of attack from the Evil Eyes below.
  • To avoid being Pulled by the Eye, you can stand behind a barrier, such as the obsidian spikes themselves, or any of the nearby trees. If you are beneath the Eye's position, though, you must have a barrier above you as well, or it will still Pull you vertically.
  • Although its primary attack is the Pull spell, the Demon's Eye does still have a basic melee attack that should be avoided. If the player gets too close to it, usually by being Pulled, it will attack extremely quickly, dealing small amounts of damage that will quickly stack up, and can potentially kill very quickly.
  • It has relatively low health, so despite the dangers, cautious stronger players should be able to kill it without too much trouble.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Demon's Eye and its minions, like the other mobs spawning around corruption spikes across the province, were added in the 1.17 Dungeons & Discoveries update.
  • The Eye is one of very few floating mobs, the other being the Golden Avia.