Dark Forest

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Dark Forest RegionIcon.png
DarkF G0.png
The entrance to the Dark Forest
Coordinates X: -1170, Z: -5300
Suggested Level 60
Quest Starts Memory Paranoia
The Headless Hunt
Lazarus Pit
Type/Biomes Swamp
Region Capital Gelibord
Monsters Doppelganger
Kappa Poppa
Kappa Dumdy
Kappa Dumda
Night Lurker
Dark Knight
Dark Executioner
...The forest here has changed. It used to be just like the southern forest, light, green; lush...But now, it is nothing but decaying trees.
~ Burtur

The Dark Forest is part of the decaying northern region of Gavel just above its light cousin, the Light Forest. It is characterized by its dark grass which resembles that of the neighboring swamp and its large, scattered trees that contribute to the biome's eerie tone. To its west side is the Olux Swamp, and lying to the east of it is the Kander Forest, a darker and more decayed extension of itself. It is host to many graveyards as well as Gelibord, a diminishing town which reflects the decay of the forest. Most of the creatures that inhabit the region are dark, hostile souls and monsters that are products of the decay.

Points of interest[edit | edit source]

Cities[edit | edit source]

  • Gelibord - Ever since the slow emergence of the decay, this rather minute settlement has been struggling against tormentous creatures which surround it while witnessing its surrounding vegetation deteriorate. Though the town still houses most common amenities, that is not to say that it isn't weakening and giving in to the effects of the decay.

Areas[edit | edit source]

  • Caritat Mansion - A large, crumbling manor formerly occupied by the wealthy Caritat family lies in the south Dark Forest. Founded on the roots of the decay, Caritat Mansion offers an unpleasant tale to visitors who may uncover the dark power it holds (as explored in Memory Paranoia).
  • Lazarus Pit - A haven of life in the Dark Forest, the Lazarus Pit is found somewhere among the mountainous graveyards just north of Gelibord. It is the only site in all of Gavel to comprise of the mystical healing water, which rumor has it can be found by some spot in each province.
  • Dullahan Mansion - Just north of a small village, the castle is perched on the side of some mountains. The story about the mansion and his owner Mr. Dullahan is told in the quest The Headless Hunt.

Gallery[edit | edit source]