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Item Dagger
Min. Level 55
Type Rare
Class Assassin/Ninja
Powder Slots 2
Obtain Undergrowth Ruins Dungeon Merchant
Attack Speed Slow
Tag Untradable
Base Damage
Neutral 40-65
Fire 65-105
Defense Minimum: 40

Cuthroat is a rare dagger which can be worn at level 55. It is sold by the Dungeon Merchant found outside the Undergrowth Ruins, a dangerous Dungeon in the southeast of the lake outside Troms. With its slow attackspeed, large health bonus and life steal this dagger fits a tanky fire build like a glove.

Identifications[edit | edit source]

Cuthroat is identified when bought. Therefore, its identifications don't vary.

Identification Preset Value
 Life Steal   +50 / 4s 
 Thorns   +15 % 
 Defense   +5