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Attention: This page is still under construction and is incomplete.
The crafting interface.

Crafting is a mechanic in Wynncraft that lets players craft weapons, armours, accessories, foods, potions, and scrolls.

Crafting is performed at Crafting Stations located throughout the world map, which are often located within cities or towns. Crafting requires materials and optionally, ingredients.

The base materials are obtained by gathering raw resources from trees, ores, fish, and crops throughout the world and are then refined into Crafting Materials. These refined materials come in different tiers and are used at their appropriate crafting stations to craft. Crafting Ingredients are obtained through killing mobs, opening loot chests, or completing quests. They add Identifications and more to the crafted item at the cost of that item's durability or duration.

To craft, you add materials following a certain recipe and up to 6 ingredients. For more information on each profession's recipes, see their pages here. You can also choose the combat level range of your item, but you can't craft an item with a level higher than your own level in that profession. You also use a Crafting Ingredient if the level of the ingredient is higher or equal to the level of the combat level of the resulting item, and the ingredient is for that Profession group (for example, using Rotten Flesh in a craft in Weaponsmithing would work, since it can be used at level 1, but using Pigman Meat in a Jeweling craft for combat level 1 would not, since this is both the wrong Profession, and the wrong level). Successfully crafting an item gives you EXP in that crafting profession, and using ingredients increases the amount of EXP you get.

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