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The Corruption
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The Roots of Corruption
Area of Origin Wynn Province
...A clash of the realms of Light and Darkness... Two forces which should never touch. It seems Gavel got off lightly, after hearing about the hundreds of years of torment the Wynn province endured...
~ Togak (Leader of Sol Embassy)

The corruption is one of the biggest issues faced by the Wynn Province, and a focus point of many of its quests. Similar to the Gavel Province's decay, the corruption was introduced into the realm some 1000 years ago, and has spread far and wide since then, spawning vast armies of darkened creatures to invade the Human lands of Wynn. The effects of the corruption are mostly undocumented, but from observation, area's affected by the corruption severely appear to change in appearance drastically, growing obsidian spikes and infecting the soil and rock with red (such as the region around the Roots of Corruption).

Origin[edit | edit source]

Over a thousand years before the present day, the Province of Wynn flourished, free to expand wherever they pleased. However, one day, a party discovered an infected region of reddish stone, and upon further investigation, they found it contained ores of green stone, items of great value in the expanding land. So soon the miners of the province came, and mined away, digging out more and more of the stone until they uncovered a purple portal buried deep in the earth, leading to a collapsed realm of even more stone. Out of sheer greed and determination, the miners expanded operations into the realm, and continued their dig for the stone.

However, one mining party dug too deep into the realm, and uncovered a vast area full of sleeping creatures of darkness, who awakened, and attacked the miners. Though they tried to escape, almost all were killed, the rest running to Ancient Nemract. The monsters emerged from the portal in a huge mass. They followed the miners to the town of Ancient Nemract and attacked it, which was powerless in defending against their waves, which would soon come to terrorize the entire early province. For the next centuries following, the Province held on against all odds, suffering blow after blow, siege upon siege befalling their cities. In fact, it was not until barely 1.5 hundred years before the present that the villagers of the Gavel Province arrived, bringing with them new magic which protected the cities from constant attack. Now the Province could wage war not just to defend itself, but also to expand once more, and once the corruption began to falter, new cities sprung up in the East, such as the Provincial center of Detlas, the Desert city of Almuj, and the new port of Nemract, to name a few.

Furthermore, lore from the Gavel Province (provided by the Quest Aldorei's Secret Part II) provides insight on exactly how corruption is created. When light and dark forces mix, corruption is created in between. This gives a hint as to where the location of the fabled Realm/Province of Dern, often referred to as a "Far off dark land," might be, since Gavel (representing LIGHT), is located above the Province of Wynn, in which the corruption has spread, giving the notion that Dern (representing DARK), must be located South of Wynn.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In addition to corrupting the land, it is also possible that the corruption can affect the minds of individuals as well, as the citizens of the Angry Villagers became enraged when the corruption spread to their town.
  • Regions infected by the corruption tend to contain primarily undead enemies, suggesting that the Corruption can also bring the dead back to life or infect the living.