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Corrupted Decrepit Sewers

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Corrupted Decrepit Sewers DungeonIcon.png
Coordinates X: -919, Z: -1883
Suggested Level 70
Reward As follows:
Monsters Skeletal Guardian (Lv. 70)
Wailing Skeleton (Lv. 70)
Crumbled Skeleton (Lv. 70)
Tormenting Ghost (Lv. 70)
Sewer Rat (Lv. 3)
Blazing Skeleton (Lv. 70)
Howling Skull (Lv. 70)
Boss Corrupted Witherhead (Lv. 80)
Corrupted Witherhead Spawn (Lv. 70)
Battle 60%
Puzzle 10%
Parkour 30%

This dungeon has a non-corrupted variant; see Decrepit Sewers.

The filth of Ragni was once used as a prison for its worst criminals, but now it houses a greater evil. After the corruption, dead inmates now trap any soul in oubliettes and await them to join their ranks.

- WynnCraft Help Guide

Overview[edit | edit source]

This is the corrupted version of the Decrepit Sewers Dungeon. It is mechanically identical but has a "corrupted" design, mobs of a higher level and better rewards. It can be accessed by entering its portal at The Forgery.

A list of the items you're able to purchase with the rewards from this Dungeon can be found on the Dungeon Merchant page.

Guide[edit | edit source]

Phase 1[edit | edit source]


  • ???: You dare enter these sewers, human? This mistake will cost you your life.

The first phase is just an easy parkour, you run along some water while making a few jumps until you reach the second phase.

Phase 2[edit | edit source]

In the second phase, you have to collect 18 Tokens by killing the mobs that spawn in the room. Once you collect 18 tokens, add the tokens to open the door, and the door will open.

Phase 3[edit | edit source]


  • ???: ... How foolish of you... to come back here... after what happened.

The third phase is also simple parkour.

Phase 4[edit | edit source]

The fourth phase is once again a fighting challenge. You go through a large room, collecting tokens. When you reach the top, you need to have 26 tokens, add it to the tokens needed to open the door, and the door will open.

Boss Phase[edit | edit source]


  • Corrupted Witherhead: You... You've come here before... You shouldn't be alive...

The boss of the Corrupted Decrepit Sewers is the Corrupted Witherhead. Her minions are 'Witherhead Spawn'. In the room there are rows of pressure plates, which you can stand on to gain cover.

Video Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The area outside the Corrupted Decrepit Sewers includes what is a currently inaccessible Corrupted Ragni and Corrupted Katoa Ranch.