Corrupted Cave

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Corrupted Cave NaturalIcon.png
Corrupted Cave entrance.png
Entrance to the cave
Coordinates X: -705, Z: -980
Suggested Level 68
Involved Quests Temple of the Legends
Type/Biomes Cave
Special Conditions Boss Arena
Monsters Corrupted
Boss Corrupter of Worlds
Uses Quest
Requirements Quest Temple of the Legends

The Corrupted Cave is a cave located between Troms and the Temple of the Legends in which the Corrupter of Worlds resides. To enter it you are required to have began the quest Temple of the Legends and to wear the Purified Helmet of the Legends.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Pre map-update, going into the Corrupter's den was a trap. There was no exit anywhere, and due to the cramped space and rapid mob spawns, using teleport scrolls was impossible. This, however, has been fixed with the new arena.
  • The Purified Helmet of the Legends is only necessary to wear during certain portions of the cave, specifically when first entering and when jumping down the pit to the Corrupter's den. It can be removed during all other sections with no drawbacks.
  • The broken, boarded up house behind the cave cannot be approached without wearing the Purified Helmet of the Legends. There is seemingly no explanation for this.
  • The cave before the Corrupter's den is entirely devoid of enemies or dangers, strangely.
  • It is often referred to as the CoW cave, an abbreviation of Corrupter of Worlds' Cave. This is referenced on a sign visible when first entering the cave.