Corpus Accipientis

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Corpus Accipientis
Species Corpus Accipientis/ Shape-shifting Slime
Level 90
Health 75,000 (aggressive)
15,000 (passive)
Drops Malleable Slime
Elemental Effects
Neutral 200-400

Corpus Accipientis is a shape-shifting species that has taken the shape of General Lecade in the quest General's Orders.

Fighting[edit | edit source]

Fighting it first consists of three stages, each of which has 25,000 health. The second stage spawns when the first is killed, and the third spawns when the second is killed. Be careful of the third enemy, because he can use a multhit attack which can deal over 2000 damage!

After killing them, a fourth body which the mob has possessed will spawn, but with very low health. It should be killed in a single attack. A fifth body then spawns, also killable in one hit. And so on for a few more stages.

The sixth version is then passive, but has 15,000 health. Killing it drops the Malleable Slime required to continue.

Location[edit | edit source]

Corpus Accipientis is located underneath the Kitrios Barracks.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The name "Corpus Accipientis" comes from the Latin "Corpus" meaning body, and "Accipientis" being the genitive form of the name "Accipient." (Stem of the name being assumed.) The whole translation is "The body of the recipient", referencing their shapeshifting ability.