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Other Information Corkus is an island pseudo-province that was added to Wynncraft in the 1.16 Corkus Update.

Corkus is a province/island in the middle of Wynncraft's ocean. It was added to the map in the 1.15 Wynnter Update, but only became accessible after the 1.16 Corkus Update.

On the 24th of March, Wynncraft released a trailer for Corkus, and it was released on Friday, 7th April. Check it out! Link to changelog

Lore[edit | edit source]

In the lore, the Corkus island has no known location to any race. It is an island populated by Fruma's separatists who are speculated to be fighting the Monarchy of Fruma. The people of the island are said to be industrial buffs and have created a Steampunk Civilization. While Corkians consider themselves a Province, they have yet to be recognized by the Provinces of Wynn, Gavel, and Fruma.

Origin[edit | edit source]

The origins of Corkus come from a suggestion on Wynncraft's forums that was destroyed in the 9/7 Forum Wipe. Player MrCoffeeTime suggested that the province that the Player comes from and the Humans originate from is called Corkus. It became a meme on the Wynncraft Forums, and eventually became an April Fools joke by a moderator of the server, Tantibus. It began causing confusion in the newbies of the server until August 29th, almost 4 months later, that Corkus was a real place in the lore, but instead of a province connected to the borders of Wynn, it was an island-province in the middle of the ocean.

References[edit | edit source]

Before the 1.16 Corkus Update, Corkus was referenced by the Engineer on the island Selchar, who spoke of a province where he came from that is not Wynn or Gavel. The engineer said "Perhaps one day you'll be allowed to visit, but it's invite only."

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