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The Content Team is the group of people who add various content to Wynncraft. Whether it is buildings, quests, mobs, items, features, or sounds, you can bet someone here put it into the game. There are seven branches of the Content Team - the developers, the game masters, the builders, the composers, the artists, the command blockers, and quality assurance.

Developers[edit | edit source]

The developers are the people who work in the more technical side of content creation - the coding. These people are programming wizards, and have created all of the features you see in game and on site! Developers are also hired directly by the CraftedMovie team.

  • Head Developer - Jumla
  • Network Developer / DevOps - redx475
  • Wynncraft Developer - Crunkle
  • Web Developer and Community Forum Manager - colin350

Managers[edit | edit source]

These people are the right hand of Grian - they plan out new requests and lead the Content Team alongside him.

GMs[edit | edit source]

Ever wondered who came up with the amazing monsters and quests that you see in the game? Well, these are the people behind it! If you have any interest in becoming one, you are able to apply! All you need to do is read the instructions in the forum thread! You are able to apply here!

Head GMs[edit | edit source]

Manager GMs[edit | edit source]

Grand GMs[edit | edit source]

Master GMs[edit | edit source]

Expert GMs[edit | edit source]

Elite GMs[edit | edit source]

Adept GMs[edit | edit source]


GMs[edit | edit source]

New GMs[edit | edit source]


Builders[edit | edit source]

This is the team of highly skilled builders that make the Wynncraft world look beautiful! Lead by Grian, these people construct a landscape out of the development team's vision for gameplay. If you have any interest in becoming one, you are able to apply! All you need to do is read the instructions in the forum thread! You are able to apply here!

Head Builders[edit | edit source]

Manager Builders[edit | edit source]

Grand Builders[edit | edit source]

Master Builders[edit | edit source]

Expert Builders[edit | edit source]

Elite Builders[edit | edit source]

Adept Builders[edit | edit source]

Builders[edit | edit source]

New Builders[edit | edit source]

CMD[edit | edit source]

These people have perfected the art of redstone and command blocking in Minecraft! They create all of the cutscenes, puzzles, and general command blocks you see in game! If you are proficient in command blocks and want to join, you can apply here.

Grand CMD[edit | edit source]

Master CMD[edit | edit source]


Expert CMD[edit | edit source]


Elite CMD[edit | edit source]

Adept CMD[edit | edit source]

CMD[edit | edit source]

New CMD[edit | edit source]

Item Team[edit | edit source]

Mastering the art of creating items, these people find the right balance between too weak and overpowered. They also buff or nerf existing items where it's needed.

Quality Assurance[edit | edit source]

Commonly known as QA, these people are the official game testers and bug resolvers. They test everything and make sure all issues are resolved as fast as possible!

Expert QA[edit | edit source]

Elite QA[edit | edit source]

Adept QA[edit | edit source]

QA[edit | edit source]

New QA[edit | edit source]

Hybrids[edit | edit source]

Those who have proven themselves to be proficient in multiple jobs work receive the highly coveted hybrid rank. Hybrid rank is a reflection of the highest of the CT ranks.

Grand Hybrids[edit | edit source]

Master Hybrids[edit | edit source]

Expert Hybrids[edit | edit source]

Elite Hybrids[edit | edit source]

Adept Hybrids[edit | edit source]

Hybrids[edit | edit source]

Modeler[edit | edit source]

These modelers make custom armourstand mobs for the game.

Adept Modelers[edit | edit source]

Modelers[edit | edit source]

New Modelers[edit | edit source]

Composers[edit | edit source]

Ever wondered who made that awesome music in the game? Well, these are the masterminds you have to thank for it!

Artists[edit | edit source]

Painters[edit | edit source]

These staff members make all the Wynncraft art pieces you see in different places.

Resource Pack Team[edit | edit source]

These artists work on the official Wynncraft resource pack, which should be downloaded automatically.

Skin Artists[edit | edit source]

These artists makes all the humanoid skins seen throughout the game.

Adept Skin Artists[edit | edit source]

New Skin Artists[edit | edit source]

Retired Developers[edit | edit source]

These are developers that once contributed to the code of the network, website, or Wynncraft itself and have left the community and are retired.

  • Retired Developer - MrTwiggy
  • Retired Web Developer and Community Forum Manager - Tama63
  • Retired Network Developer - Mazen
  • Retired Wynncraft Developer - Jpresent
  • Retired Web Developer HiMyNameIsAJ
  • Retired Network Developer - rmb938
  • Retired Wynncraft Developer - Apollo
  • Retired Web Developer and Community Forum Manager - Elements
  • Retired Staff Panel Developer - Dakota
  • Retired Network Developer - mooman219
  • Retired Composer - Needlr