Collector Merchant

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Collector Merchant
Type Collector Merchant
Location Letvus Airbase
Coordinates X: -211, Z: -4970

The Collector Merchant is a merchant that can be found on one of the top floors of Letvus Airbase. The merchant enables you to sell Siegfried Cookies, Dragon's Tooth and Siegfried's Autograph in exchange for emeralds. This merchant is exclusive to Letvus Airbase and cannot be found anywhere else. It is also located under the floor the Passenger Controllant, the Starter NPC for the quest Flight in Distress, is located in.

Trades[edit | edit source]

Collector Merchant Trades
Price Product

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The merchant gives you less emeralds than the Siegfried merchants sell, which tells that you shouldn't really buy Siegfried's merchandise, unless you want to waste your money.