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Item Dagger
Min. Level 31
Type Unique
Class Assassin/Ninja
Powder Slots 1
Obtain Merchant
Attack Speed Fast
Base Damage
Neutral 20-26
Thunder 1-16

Clawctus is a level 31 Dagger, available from Almuj's Weapon Merchant. It focuses on dealing rapid, heavy Thunder damage, providing several damage bonuses, as well as a small defensive thorns bonus.

Identifications[edit | edit source]

Clawctus can be bought from the Almuj Weapon Merchant for 3 Emerald Blocks and 16 Emeralds, and is pre-identified.

Identification Preset Value
 Thorns   +8 % 
 Dexterity   +3  
 Raw Melee Damage   +19  
  Earth Damage   +7 % 

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Clawctus' name is a portmanteau of "claw" and "cactus".