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There are currently 8 different playable classes in Wynncraft, four main classes and an alternate, visually improved version of each class for ranks VIP and VIP+.

Main Class Alternate Class
Archer Hunter
Warrior Knight
Mage Dark Wizard
Assassin Ninja

Each class has its own weaknesses and strengths, and uses different weapons, allowing for different play-styles. As of the 1.12 update, Archer, Warrior, Mage and Assassin each have a counterpart, which are Hunter, Knight, Dark Wizard, and Ninja, respectively. Each counterpart uses all the same weapons and armour as their original, varying only aesthetically to their original in spell design, but not effect. Classes are further customizable by distributing Skill Points. Skill Points can be reset and redistributed by using a Skill Reset Scroll. As of the Gavel update, you can now have up to 10 different classes at once.

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