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NPC Info
X: 65 Z: -4843
Location Cinfras County
Quest Involved Fallen Delivery

Bricot is the starting NPC of the quest Fallen Delivery. He is a farmer who has watched an airship crashing into the mountain over his farm east of Cinfras.

Location[edit | edit source]

 Location   Cinfras County   X   65  Y     Z   -4843  Wynncraft Map 

He is located in front of his farm east to Cinfras.

You can get there by leaving Cinfras to the south and following the path to the east. Turn left when reaching the crossing and follow the path to the east again. The path will lead you to a camp of bandits (remember the place, you will have to return there later), left of it can be seen an airship crashed into the mountain. Walking around the mountain to the left or climbing over it will lead you to the farm.