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Boss Altars are spread out around the provinces and allow you to get teleported to a special arena where you get the chance to fight and defeat a boss. You will need to sacrifice a specific type of item to go through, but there is always clues around the altar about what kind of items and how many you need. Most of the time, those will be Junk Items.

The boss will have a good chance to drop a few very powerful items. You can also only fight it once per payment. When you kill the boss, he won’t respawn until you leave and pay the fee again. Even using /class won’t make it spawn again.

Those bosses can be challenging, but thankfully, anyone close to the Boss Altar will get teleported when the sacrifice is done. No need to pay for every player!

Boss Altars[edit | edit source]

Here is a list of all currently known Boss Altars, sorted by minimum recommended level. The pages will be filled in as more information becomes known about these altars.

Bovine Barn
Sunrise Canyon
Prison of Souls
Tribal Sanctuary
Plague Laboratory
Arena of the Legends
Challenge of the Blades
The Orange Wybel
Geyser Pit
Aerie of the Recluse
Location: Durum Isles
Location: Mesa
Location: Twain Lake
Location: Jungle
Location: Olux
Location: Temple of the Legends
Location: Kander Forest
Location: Sky Islands
Location: Corkus
Location: Corkus
Items: 20 Leather
Items: 12 Coyote Fangs
Items: 15 Ghostly Essence
Items: 12 Zombie Eyes
Items: 16 Venom Sacs
Items: 5 Broken Amulets
Items: 20 Werewolf Tails
Items: 20 Wybel Fluff
Items: 20 Robot Antennas
Items: 16 Turtle Shells

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