Bone Meal

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Bone Meal

Tier ✫✫✫
Crafting Lv. Min. 21


Bone Meal is a Tier 0 Crafting Ingredient.

Bone Meal can be used in the Armouring and Tailoring professions to add a small amount of extra spell damage to the crafted item.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Bone Meal can be obtained by killing Goblin Scouts, found on the Emerald Trail and throughout Ragni, or can be found in Loot Chests. They can also be dropped by mobs in the Decrepit Sewers.

The following merchants sell Bone Meal:

The following mobs can drop Bone Meal:

  • Goblin Scout
  • Skeleton Miner
  • Usage[edit | edit source]

    1 Bone Meal can be bought for 6e or 2 Bone Meal can be sold for 1e from the Necromancy Merchant located at 170, 13, -5115.

    Crafting[edit | edit source]

    When used as a crafting ingredient, Bone Meal applies the following effects:

    Bone Meal
    +2% to +3% Spell Damage
    -24 Durability

    Trading[edit | edit source]

    The following merchants buy Bone Meal: