Bob the Zombie

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Bob The Zombie
Species Zombie
Level 1
Quest Bob's Lost Soul
Location Ragni
Health 11
Special Drops Bob's Tear
Elemental Effects
Neutral 1

Bob the Zombie is a level 1 mob that spawns in the starting city of Ragni. When killed, he has a rare chance to drop the item Bob's Tear, which is needed for the Bob's Lost Soul quest. Various myths and lore surround him: He is said to be the undead remains of the hero Bob, finding no rest. He can spawn anywhere in the city of Ragni, with 30 seconds of spawn delay (?). He will act slightly aggressively, throwing Ghast Tears at the player, but they will cause little to no damage to them.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Make sure you max out loot bonus as the Bob the Zombie monster does not spawn very often and Bob's Tear's do not drop very commonly.
  • Go to a less populated server as you have more of a chance of killing Bob the Zombie yourself as well as a better chance of him spawning.
  • Bob has several possible spawn points inside Ragni and even outside of the city walls. You may have to run around the city and search for him.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Bob's head is currently the player head of the player "DaCreeperReeper" but was originally of player "WynnCraft". The reason for the change is unknown.
  • Originally Bob the Zombie was a joke mob. He didn't become a main character until forum members created lore about him.