Bob's Reincarnation

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OutdatedLogo.pngThe following page contains information about content that is outdated as of update 1.17.

Bob's Reincarnation
Species Human (Part Zombie)
Level 110
Quest Reincarnation
Health 180000
Special Drops Bob's Seal of Approval
Elemental Effects
Neutral 800-3800
Earth Defense
Thunder Defense
Water Defense
Fire Defense
Air Defense

Bob's Reincarnation is one of the strongest Bosses in Wynncraft. He is encountered by the player when they take on the Reincarnation quest. The players will be warped to a heavenly realm where Bob greets the player and informs them about his past. He then challenges the player to see if they are good enough to be the successor of his power. Various types of swords will appear to aid him in the fight.

Regeneration: 6000 every 10 seconds
Spell: Level III Charge with 150% damage, 0.5 seconds of invincibility upon activation

Lore[edit | edit source]

Bob was a very strong warrior in the past, who had mastered the ways of the Spear, the arts of Knavery, the Wand lore, and the skills of Archery from four masters specializing in each weapon. He had gained a great deal of fame throughout the Wynn region due to his ability. He had 3 loyal pets (Baab, Mooington, and Cluckles) which accompanied him during his journey, and they defended the Wynn province from hordes of the corrupted forces. At the age of 72, he set off towards the jungles near Troms, having heard of a beast promoting the corruptive forces within the province. This is presumed to be the Corrupter of Worlds. However, it is heavily implied that he lost the battle and was terminally injured afterwards. With that in mind, he then split his power into three pieces and planted them in his loyal animals. These loyal animals, who each received part of Bob's power, then were scattered to hidden places within the province's great ocean. Bob wanted to see who could find all three of pieces of his power and become his successor, so he hid himself within a cave nearby to Nesaak. He is presumed to have died at this point, but it is left ambiguous as to the cause. The cave near Nesaak is currently known as Bob's Tomb, which usually requires 3 people to gain access (two to push a button, one to use a pressure plate).

Combat[edit | edit source]

Regeneration: 6000 every 10 seconds
Spell: Level III Charge with 150% damage, 0.5 seconds of invincibility upon activation
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Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Have maximum defense if you plan to fight him alone.
  • Each sword deals the same amount of damage and has the same amount of health, but have different spells. The Wooden Sword has a ridiculously powerful and wide-reaching explosive charge that causes it to kill itself, the Stone Sword shoots a projectile that inflicts Slowness II for three minutes, the Iron Sword has a Level II Multihit, the Golden Sword has a flamethrower-like spell, and the Diamond Sword will heal allies for 2000 health.
  • Keep a close eye out for his Charge. Hitting him while he's Charging will cancel the attack, but he is invincible for ~0.5 seconds when he uses the spell. This means it is impossible to completely stop.
  • His speed makes him nearly impossible to outrun, so utilize some way to slow him down. Bash, Bomb Arrow, Ice Snake, and Smoke Bomb can all be used to this end.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He used to have a friend named Tarod.
  • He has a zombified form called Bob the Zombie, which roams Ragni.
  • He was the strongest mob and boss in Wynncraft before the 1.13 Wynnter Update.
  • He used to be even stronger but was nerfed due to being too powerful, then was rebuffed to his old power in the 1.12 Mob Update.
  • Bob's loyal animals may be a reference to the trio of legendary Pokemon, Suicune, Entei, and Raikou, because of the behavior.
  • His head is from the player BobWynn, while the skin wearing the head is the younger version of Bob seen in the Secret Discoveries.
  • It is possible for Bob's Seal of Approval to drop outside of the arena where you fight him, if he is killed near to the edges of the arena.
  • Bob's Swords were altered in the 1.12 Update. One of each sword type will spawn in the arena with different unique spells that they can use, and they are killable.
  • He seems to have intelligent A.I., and has been noted to retreat to the Diamond Sword's heal radius if he loses sight of the player.
  • Bob has his own mechanic version in the Legendary Island Challenge, called Robob's Reinvention.

Video[edit | edit source]